ZX Spectrum Next Issue 2 Kickstarter already funded

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As of writing this, the Kickstarter for the second production run of ZX Spectrum Next computers is nearing 3 times its original goal of £250,000. This is only 14 hours after launch. The ZX Spectrum Next Issue 2 (which sold out within an hour) started at £280 for the early-bird Next Plus with 1Mb RAM, RGB/VGA/HDMI out, 7/14/28Mhz Turbo modes, accelerator port, SD card, PSU, Printed Manual, Wi-Fi module and Real Time Clock.

There are now pledges available for the Plus at £300 and the accelerated version at £325. These prices reflect a significant increase from the first campaign and have caused controversy amongst members of the Spectrum community. The price increases have been blamed on the first campaign not correctly taking into consideration the amount of tax that was needed to be paid – tax that had to come out of the pockets of those involved. There has apparently also been an increase in component costs since the first Kickstarter took place.

If you missed out on a Spectrum Next the first time round and would like to see what the fuss is about check out our unboxing video and upgrading videos below or go direct to the Kickstarter campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/spectrumnext/zx-spectrum-next-issue-2

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ZX Spectrum Next Issue 2 Kickstarter already funded

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