You May Own One Of The Rare Double Die 1955 Lincoln Pennies That Just Sold For $1.4k

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A rare double die 1955 Lincoln penny just sold for $1,400 and they’re just one of 20,000 that are out there, so check your change ASAP! On the rare Lincoln penny, there is a double die, meaning that the penny has a double layer effect, making it a rare find that’s also worth a lot. According to The Sun, this specific Lincoln coin is the most famous of them all.

The doubling effect can be seen mostly on the wording of the coin, which includes “In God We Trust” (above Lincoln) and “Liberty” (to the left of Lincoln), in addition to the year, which is 1955.

If you own a double die Lincoln penny, you should find out how much it could list for!

rare lincoln double die penny 1955

USA Coin Book has a specific description of the coin: “It is very hard to miss this error so it is easy to tell the difference between the real one and the 1955 “poor mans” doubled die which is no where near as noticeable.” There’s also no mint mark on the coin.

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Chad Eicher, owner of Metal Pursuits, spoke to The Sun about the rare coin. “In 1955, roughly 20,000 of these pennies were produced, and most were given as change from cigarette vending machines,” he says. “It might be worth around $1,800 if you find [a] 1955 no mint mark doubled die penny in extremely fine condition.”

Even average condition coins can snag a couple thousand dollars

rare lincoln double die penny 1955

For the bidding, a total of 22 bids were placed on the coin that was recently obtained, with the winning bid reaching $1,400. This means the penny is now worth around 14,000,000% of its original value. If you have one of these rare coins, how much you could get for it depends on its condition and grade—but regardless, it’s still quite valuable.

Even if it’s in just average condition, it could still be worth around $1,200. And the maximum it could be worth? Around $16,000, according to USA Coin Book. Two other double die Lincoln pennies sold as well, one for $1,800 and the other for $1,500. Tons of these coins are listed on eBay right this moment, so it’s worth taking a look to see if you have one, and how much it could potentially go for.

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