You May Be Able To Get Rid Of Wrinkles With Maple Leaves

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If you are worried about getting wrinkles or want to remove them, you may want to look at fall foliage a little differently. Research is now being done using maple leaf extract as a kind of natural Botox. It is being tested for the removal of wrinkles and other skin care benefits.

Maple trees are awesome. From these trees, we get syrup and other maple flavored treats. Not only that, but they are beautiful to look at, especially in the fall season. Now there is new research from the University of Rhode Island that shows that maple leaf extract can get rid of wrinkles. But how?

maple leaves

As you age, wrinkles start showing up when an enzyme called elastase breaks down the elastin in your skin. This is what causes those annoying lines and creases in your skin. Scientists are testing red maple leaf extract to see if it could block elastase, therefore blocking wrinkles from showing up. You still with us?


Scientists are taking their inspiration from Native Americans. Many Native American tribes used to use red maple tree leaves in medicine so we know there has to be some kind of benefit from using it. Scientists found that these certain leaves contain something called glucitol-core-containing gallotannins (GCGs). These hard to pronounce words basically help stop elastase.

maple leaves
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Scientists are calling it a plant-based Botox. What is even better is that you don’t have to use needles to inject it, you can apply topically on the skin for the best benefits. The GCGs we just talked about can also protect skin from inflammation and treat dark spots and pigmentation. This sounds a whole lot better than sticking needles in your skin.


These researchers and scientists are working on a maple leaf extract for these skin issues called Maplifa. They are working on getting them made into products. Since maple leaves naturally fall from trees during the fall season, it would be a sustainable process. This seems pretty amazing! No word yet on when these products might be available, but keep your eye out because it sounds like they might be a big hit.


Are you excited about these new developments? What do you think about maple leaf extract being made into products that fight wrinkles? Would you try it?

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