Woman Tries To Find Father & Daughter In Photo Taken Hours Before Notre Dame Fire

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We reported a few days ago that the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France was on fire. Unfortunately, the fire burned down part of this 850-year-old landmark. A bright spot in this dark news? Only about an hour before the Cathedral caught on fire, a heartwarming moment was caught on camera.

A tourist visiting the area named Brooke Windsor was taking a photo of the Notre Dame Cathedral. She accidentally caught what appears to be a father and daughter sharing a special moment. Now, she is trying to find the man to give him this amazing photograph. The entire Internet seems to be banding together to locate him.

See the very special photo for yourself

notre dame
Notre Dame Cathedral photo of father and daughter / Twitter

Brooke posted it on Twitter, asking the Internet for its help in finding the man in the photo.

Her caption read, “I took this photo as we were leaving #NotreDame about an hour before it caught on fire. I almost went up to the dad and asked if he wanted it. Now I wish I had. Twitter if you have any magic, help him find this.”

notre dame fire
Notre Dame Cathedral on fire / Facebook

Brooke said that she doesn’t know for sure if the man and child are father and daughter, but they appear to have a special bond. It could be an uncle, brother, or friend… either way, we know he would want to frame this photograph.

Other Twitter users have been sharing the photo and commenting on it. Many felt extra emotional upon seeing it, due to the unfortunate circumstances with the fire.

The man has not yet been identified

Notre Dame Paris fire / Facebook

According to Brooke’s Twitter page on April 16, 2019, she had not yet found the man to give him the photo. She encourages others to share it in hopes he will eventually see it. We hope that this man and his family will find the photo soon!

@ everyone in my dm’s:
-I do not know for sure if it was a dad and daughter, it’s simply the dynamic I observed from them while debating on interrupting this moment. It may be an uncle, brother, friend, who knows until we find them.
-It was taken at 5:57 local time

— Brooke Windsor (@brookeawindsor) April 16, 2019

In news surrounding the fire, firefighters were able to save the building, but there has been some damage. So far, it appears that the fire was unintentional and not due to any malicious intent. There is a campaign ongoing to repair the damage that has already raised hundreds of millions of dollars.

-No, I have not been able to find the folks in the photo but I am hopeful. Twitter sure knows how to step up 🤗
-Yes, you may share this photo as you wish. Help us find the man and child 💕

— Brooke Windsor (@brookeawindsor) April 16, 2019

What do you think about the photo? Will you share it to help the man find the photo? We will update this story as it develops!

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Watch the video below to learn more about what caused the Notre Dame Cathedral fire and the aftermath:

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