Woman Is Surprised When New Driver’s License Comes Back With Photo Of Empty Chair

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One woman from Tennessee was surprised and confused when she received back a new driver’s license with a photo of an empty chair on it. While she was definitely confused, she got a much-needed laugh out of it. “I was with my Mom and we were going to eat lunch and I said, ‘You need to see this, this isn’t right,’” says Jade Dodd.

Jade had recently renewed her license in Hickman County and received it back in the mail soon after. She was shocked to find that it was not a photo of herself on the license, but an empty chair. Definitely a hilarious mixup!

Jade Dodd pulls new driver’s license out of the mail just to find out… it’s a photo of an empty chair

Currently on hold with the dmv since this is what I got in the mail when I renewed my license…. 🤦‍♀️

Posted by Jade Dodd on Wednesday, August 5, 2020


“The lady at the DMV did not really believe me when I was like ‘hey, I need my license fixed,’” Jade says to CNN. “Then, she looked it up in the system and goes, ‘Oh, I need my manager for this.’” The Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security tells CNN that the error occurred when the wrong image was captured and saved to Jade’s profile.

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Wes Moster, director of communications, releases a statement on the funny situation. “When the customer recently renewed her driver license online, she received an image of a chair because that was the last picture taken on file. When the Department was made aware of her situation, we immediately made things right with the customer and provided her with a license with her actual photo and have addressed this situation internally.”

A great joke for everyone involved!

Woman Is Surprised When New Driver's License Comes Back With Photo Of Empty Chair
Jade Dodd talking about the driver’s license mishap on the news / YouTube Screenshot

Thankfully, Jade was not upset at all by the mishap and actually found it to be the perfect thing to happen to lighten the mood during the age of the coronavirus. “My boss thinks it’s funnier than anyone. I was at work Friday and he pointed to a chair outside of his office door and was like, ‘I thought this was you, I waved at it this morning’ and I was like ‘thanks,’” she says. Jade has luckily received her new license since, with a real photo of her this time!

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