Wisconsin Dairy Breaks Their Own Record For Longest String Cheese

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Wisconsin dairy just broke their own record for having the longest string cheese! Wisconsin is known for its assortment of dairy products, and famously known for its cheese, in particular. Weyauwega Star Dairy broke its own record for the world’s longest piece of string cheese at 3,832 feet!

Gerard Knaus’ 85-year-old father, Jim, had set the original record in 1995 and the Knauses beat their 1995 record in 2006 with a piece of the cheese that was nearly 2,000 feet long. Looks like they have yet another new record to celebrate!

Wisconsin dairy breaks one record for longest string cheese in the world

That is one looooooooooooong piece of string cheese. @BenKrumholzWLUK reports on an effort to break a world record — Wisconsin-style — in Weyauwega: https://t.co/2jmUpMsOx2 pic.twitter.com/OY8wXjagu5

— WLUK-TV FOX 11 (@fox11news) June 25, 2021

“We’re just adding onto his record,” Gerard told WLUK-TV. “That’s all we’re doing.” In order to achieve this record, they had to obtain the help of more than 1,700 Weyauwega residents. They all stood seven feet apart on a shut-down Main Street, grabbing a piece of the string cheese as it stretched down, uncoiled from a trailer pulled by a tractor.

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“I’ve never seen this before and I want my piece of string cheese,” said resident Allen Robbert. The actual photo of the town’s residents standing in formation with the cheese is definitely a sight to behold!

Ok but can you say that your state created the worlds longest string cheese? #wisconsin pic.twitter.com/jF59qb6ZYz

— Sarah Waara (@sarahjane016) June 25, 2021

After 90 minutes and a 3/4-m-long piece of string cheese later, it’s presumed that the record cheese likely equaled 30,000 individual sticks of cheese. What’s even better? The residents who participated got to keep their cheese! Gerard notes that Guinness World Records recognized the 2006 record, so he hopes they recognize this one, too!

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