Which Hotel Is The Most Famous In Your State? Find Out!

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Hotels can be fun to visit and many have become famous because of their history, interesting quirks or popularity. Of course, there are probably many famous hotels in each state, but the ones on this list take the cake. You’ll probably want to stay at each one after you see all of their beauty!

Here is a list of the most famous hotel in each state. If you ever need a recommendation of where to stay in a new state, you’re going to want to check this list out.

1. Alabama

battle house

The most historic hotel in Alabama resides in Mobile and is called The Battle House Renaissance. It was built in 1908 and sits where Andrew Jackson’s former military headquarters during the War of 1812 once sat. It was restored to its old-school beauty and is truly a sight to see.

2. Alaska


The Historic Skagway Inn started all the way back in 1897. It was originally a spot for those involved in the Klondike Gold Rush, but now has adorable rooms and a restaurant filled with Alaskan delicacies.

3. Arizona


The famous Frank Lloyd Wright helped to construct the Biltmore Resort in Phoenix. It opened in 1929 and still has that gorgeous 1920s decor as well as three fancy restaurants.

4. Arkansas


Eureka Springs, Arkansas is home to the Crescent Hotel and Spa. It was built in 1886 and has a Victoria-era charm. It is known in the state as a “symbol of hospitality”. It looks like a gorgeous destination during the Fall!

5. California

beverly hills

The Beverly Hills Hotel looks out to Sunset Boulevard and has hosted many celebrities over the years. It has been an iconic Hollywood hotel since the days of Marilyn Monroe. It still has that old-school Hollywood glamour with its decor and every room has a private balcony.

6. Colorado


This hotel has a bit of creepy history. The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park was the inspiration for Stephen King’s hit “The Shining”. He reportedly stayed there with his wife when the hotel was empty and he had a dream that inspired “The Shining”. If you don’t like scary things, ignore those facts because this hotel is gorgeous.

7. Connecticut


The Inn at Mystic hosted famous movie star couple Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall on their honeymoon. Not only that, it has a gorgeous view of the ocean and a great seafood restaurant. It remains one of the top hotels in Connecticut all those years later.

8. Delaware


Hotel du Pont looks like it belongs in Europe, not Wilmington, Delaware. It is very luxurious and has a very old-school feeling to it. Their lobby was also newly renovated this year.

9. Florida


Miami has a lot of fabulous and iconic hotels, but the Fontainebleau Miami Beach has to be the best. It has been featured in films like Goldfinger, Scarface, and The Bodyguard. Do you recognize this hotel in any of those films?

10. Georgia


The Jekyll Island Club Resort used to be a hunting and recreational club that hosted the wealthy Rockefeller and Vanderbilt families. Now it is a peaceful resort that is still made for those who can afford the luxury.

11. Hawaii

royal hawaiian

The Royal Hawaiian is also known as the “Pink Palace of the Pacific” because it is a gorgeous pink hotel. Located in Honolulu, it started back in the 1920s. The views from this hotel are insanely gorgeous.

12. Idaho

sun valley

If you love skiing, you won’t want to miss this famous ski resort. The Sun Valley Lodge has suites named after Clint Eastwood, Marilyn Monroe, and Ernest Hemingway. It has been around since 1940 but has been renovated since and now has a 20,000-square-foot spa.

13. Illinois

palmer house

There are plenty of iconic hotels in Chicago but the Palmer House is one of the best. The first time around this hotel burned down in the Great Chicago Fire 13 days after opening. But, they renovated it and it became Chicago’s first hotel with operating elevators and telephones in guest rooms. It is still one of the most luxurious hotels in the state.

14. Indiana

french lick

This hotel has a funny name, but it is an iconic hotel for golfers. The French Lick Springs Hotel was first established in the French Lick in 1845. They have even hosted PGA Championships.

15. Iowa


In Iowa’s Old Main District, Hotel Julien is one of the best. It is so old it is rumored that Abraham Lincoln stayed there and it is believed to be once owned by Al Capone. It still looks very elegant to this day.

16. Kansas


The Historic Elgin Hotel has a beautiful 19th-century limestone exterior. It has a Victorian feel to the ballroom and guest rooms. You can feel like you are truly in another era if you stay there.

17. Kentucky

brown hotel

Kentucky is famous for the Kentucky Derby and a popular place to stay is The Brown Hotel. It is an English Renaissance-style hotel and has hosted many famous people over time. It is also home to the famous Hot Brown sandwich.

18. Lousiana


New Orleans is home to many fun and exciting hotels. One of the best is the Hotel Monteleone in the French Quarter. Ernest Hemingway used to love staying there. One of the coolest parts of this hotel is their Carousel Piano Bar with 25 revolving seats.

19. Maine

colony hotel

The historic Colony Hotel was built in 1914. It has an amazing wraparound ocean porch and is generally very booked during the summer months. It has been a family-run business since 1948.

20. Maryland

maryland inn

In downtown Annapolis, The Maryland Inn has been a meeting place for many national, state and military visitors. The restaurant there is even called The Treaty of Paris.

21. Massachusetts

omni parker

Boston has many historic and fantastic hotels, but one of the best is the Omni Parker House. JFK actually had his bachelor party there! Another fun fact is that it is also where Charles Dickens first read “A Christmas Carol”.

22. Michigan

grand hotel

Michigan has a lot of hotels to choose from in the Upper and Lower Peninsulas, but the most famous and most beautiful has to be The Grand Hotel. It sits on Mackinac Island and overlooks Lake Huron. Five U.S. Presidents have stayed there since it opened in 1887 and it boasts the longest front porch in the world at 660 feet.

23. Minnesota

st james

The St. James Hotel’s history goes back to the early 1870s. Tourists and business people needed somewhere to stay passing through, so this hotel was built.

24. Mississippi

white house hotel

The White House Hotel was around for a long time but sat empty and in bad shape for years. It was renovated and reopened in 2014, with a new pool and high-end amenities. It is one of the last grand hotels on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

25. Missouri

hilton president

The Hilton President Kansas City was once headquarters for the Republican National Convention in 1928. Frank Sinatra also performed in the hotel in their Drum Room Lounge. The hotel received a $45.5 million restoration in 2006.

26. Montana

grand union

Montana’s oldest operating hotel is the Grand Union Hotel. It was opened in 1882 and overlooks the Missouri River. It has been restored and has 26 beautiful rooms.

27. Nebraska

hotel deco

Omaha boasts Hotel Deco XV and is filled with unique Art Deco design and architecture. It is also a very popular hotel because of its proximity to the city’s Old Market.

28. Nevada


Las Vegas has plenty of interesting and fun hotels to choose from. The Venetian has got to be one of the most fabulous. The hotel is inspired by Venice, Italy and even has real gondola rides.

29. New Hampshire


The Omni Mount Washington Resort boasts some amazing scenery. It was built in the early 1900s and became a National Historic Landmark in 1986. They did a renovation which added 50,000 square feet to the hotel in 2009.

30. New Jersey

caribbean motel

The Caribbean Motel is one of the quirkiest hotels on this list. It is styled in 1950s decor with palm tree decorations, a crescent-shaped pool and lots of neon colors.

31. New Mexico

plaza hotel

The Plaza Hotel was opened in 1882. The hotel has been featured in many old cowboy movies and more recently, No Country for Old Men.

32. New York

the plaza

Of course, New York has tons of posh hotels, but The Plaza is the best. In midtown Manhattan, it was opened in 1907. It has extravagant amenities, like a butler for each floor and costs a pretty penny.

33. North Carolina


In Asheville, North Carolina, The Inn on Biltmore Estate is a mansion-style hotel built by the wealthy Vanderbilts. The hotel, of course, has amazing rooms, a pool, and a restaurant, but it also has a very cool library.

34. North Dakota


The Hotel Donaldson or more commonly referred to as “HoDo” is a small boutique hotel. It is a popular place for musicians, authors, and poets to perform in the lounge.

35. Ohio

golden lamb

The Golden Lamb Inn is the oldest hotel and restaurant in Ohio. Twelve U.S. Presidents have stayed and dined there.

36. Oklahoma


The Skirvin Hilton first opened in 1911. It is now claimed to be haunted by a former maid named Effie. Many NBA basketball teams have stayed there and claim to have seen haunted happenings and the Knicks even blame their 2010 loss on the hauntings.

37. Oregon


The Timberline Lodge is a popular destination for skiers and has some amazing views. You may also recognize the outside because it was used as a location in filming The Shining.

38. Pennslyvania


The Historic Hotel Bethlehem dates all the way back to 1741! Soldiers in World War I reportedly rested in this hotel. Other famous visitors include U.S. Presidents, Amelia Earhart, Shirley Temple, and the Dalai Lama.

39. Rhode Island

castle hill inn

The Castle Hill Inn is a Victorian mansion with 19th-century architecture and a beautiful view of the ocean. It was originally built in 1875 as a summer home for a marine biologist but eventually turned into a hotel.

40. South Carolina


The Wentworth Mansion goes back all the way to 1886. It is a mansion with red and gold walls, mahogany furniture and everything luxurious.

41. South Dakota

alex johnson

Hotel Alex Johnson is named after the builder, Alex Johnson, the former Vice President of the Chicago and North Western Railroad. He built the hotel in the late 1920s. Alfred Hitchcock, Eva Marie Saint, and Cary Grant all stayed there in the 1950s.

42. Tennessee


The Peabody Hotel was originally built in 1869 and hosted Andrew Johnson and William McKinley. It was renovated and reopened in 1981. It is famous for the ducks that live on the rooftop and swim in the hotel fountain.

43. Texas


The founder of Anheuser-Busch, Adolphus Busch, opened the Dallas hotel named after him in 1912. The Adolphus is rumored to have a haunted 19th floor. Many U.S. Presidents have stayed there and even Queen Elizabeth II.

44. Utah

grand america

Utah has the Grand America Hotel and it is huge. It has 775 rooms and 24 floors. Their spa is one of the best and the snowy mountain views are amazing.

45. Vermont


The Inn at Shelburne Farms is not only a hotel but a working farm that started in the late 1800s. The Inn Restaurant has fresh food that comes straight from the farm.

46. Virginia


The Jefferson Hotel boasts a Spanish Baroque style and was opened in 1895. Dolly Parton, Elvis Presley, and several U.S. Presidents have all stayed here.

47. Washington

mayflower park

In downtown Seattle, the Mayflower Park Hotel was built in 1927 and is right next to a shopping mall for those who love to shop! Thee independently owned hotel recently celebrated 90 years in business.

48. West Virginia


The Greenbrier is located in the mountains of West Virginia and has been recognized as a National Historic Landmark. Built in 1778, they have had many updates and now have an off-road Jeep trail for more adventurous guests.

49. Wisconsin


The Pfister Hotel has lots of Victorian artwork and even an art gallery. The views of Lake Michigan are just as gorgeous as the art.

50. Wyoming

old faithful
Wikimedia Commons

There is an old hotel in Yellowstone National Park called the Old Faithful Inn. It has been there since 1904 and is the largest log structure in the world.

Have you been to any of these amazing hotels? Which ones are on your bucket list?

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