When A Man Saw A Lost Video Of His Parents’ 1953 Wedding, He Was Struck By An Amazing Revelation

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For generations, technology has allowed us to record our most precious memories, whether it be in the form of a photograph or a video. Joel Smith was delighted to discover lost footage of his parents’ 1953 wedding on their 60th anniversary. After watching the video though, he was inspired to devise an ambitious plan to surprise them.


Joel’s plan was captured on video by Hagerty, an insurance company specializing in classic car and boat insurance. Protecting a range of vehicles worth $30 billion in total, the company also has a successful YouTube channel, boasting more than 272,000 subscribers. However, even with ten years’ worth of content, Joel’s video is still one of their most popular posts.


Titled “My Parents’ First Car – 1948 Plymouth convertible,” the post was uploaded on February 26, 2013, earning more than 1.3 million views. It opens with a picture of Joel’s parents, Joe and Beverly Smith, posing on their beloved car, before Joel explains its importance to the pair. “When my parents were married, they had the ’48 Plymouth convertible, and they’ve talked about the car ever since,” he recalled.


It’s my mother’s favorite car. Dad loved it. It was kind of like their first real car,” Joel continued. “Then my dad was drafted and went to Korea, and they had to sell the car. They always talked about the car forever – how much fun it was, and the great times they had with it.”


On the day they celebrated 60 years together though, Joel received an unexpected surprise. “This year was their 60th wedding anniversary,” he said. “The whole family went back, and they had like 50 people at a sit-down dinner. Someone had found video of their actual wedding. They found it in the archives of someone’s basement.”


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