Whatever Happened To Lou Wagner, Harlan Arliss, From ‘CHiPs’?

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Lou Wagner is best known for his role in various fims and shows, but one of the roles many people remember him for is the mechanic, Harlan Arliss, from the show CHiPs. The show ran from 1977 to 1983, and audiences met Harlan in 1978. While his role in CHiPs is a large part of what made Lou’s career, that wasn’t his breakout role.

Earlier audiences can recall Lou’s role in the 1968 film The Planet of the Apes and would move onto another role of Busboy in a later sequel to the film in 1972, Conquest of the Planet of the Apes. He is actually the last-surviving principal cast member from the original film, aside from Linda Harrison. Through the ’70s, Lou made various appearances until landing his recurring role of Harlan on CHiPs and would hold on tight for a steady career in acting ever since.

What happened to Lou Wagner from ‘CHiPs’?

whatever happened to lou wagner
Lou Wagner in ‘CHiPs’ / YouTube Screenshot

Even though Lou was able to secure a recurring role in CHiPs, beyond that show, he didn’t have many other recurring gigs. He did appear a few times from 2000-2006 in the TV series Yes, Dear and also in 2010’s series Funny or Die Presents… Actually, into the mid-to-late 2000s, he had more recurring appearances in shows, more than he had back in the ’70s and ’80s.

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Aside from his movie roles, Wagner also appeared in a recurring McDonald’s commercial for over 15 years as ‘The Professor.’ Do you remember seeing him in those nostalgic McDonald’s commercials

whatever happened to lou wagner from chips
Lou Wagner today / YouTube Screenshot

Lou was seen a few times in the series The Millers from 2013-2014 and in Raising Hope from 2010-2014. Compiled with some one-off roles, Lou has managed to keep busy in his later years. We last saw him in the 2109 series Mansion of Mystery and currently has a film called Barking Mad that has been completed and hopefully anticipating a release soon. At 72 years old, we’re happy to see him still kicking and active as ever! Who could forget the times Jon and Ponch asked Harlan to take a look at their bikes, only to have him peer in their direction and say they “look alright.” Definitely A+ service we will never forget!

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