WATCH: ‘Golden Girl’ Rue McClanahan Offers Pet Care Advice

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Pet ownership comes with a lot of responsibilities. Fortunately, Rue McClanahan can teach pet owners everything they need to take care of a dog or cat. Advice comes in the form of informative videos from the Golden Girl responsible for Blanche Devereaux herself.

The clips come from 1990. In total, she offers two guides. The Dog Care Video Guide and The Cat Care Video Guide. As a result, multiple pet owners can learn from Blanche Devereaux. Don’t worry. McClanahan isn’t making this stuff up. She has support from veterinarian Dr. David Griffiths. Ultimately, their videos do offer sound advice worth hearing.

Opposites attract

Quickly, McClanahan’s videos, opposite British vet Dr. David Griffiths, take a very unique approach to pet ownership education. First, McClanahan and Dr. Griffiths apparently have a lot of chemistry. This becomes evident in the flirty nature of their talk. In fact, that takes center stage at the beginning of The Dog Care Video Guide and stays hanging over the rest of the discussion, thanks to the actress and vet’s great chemistry.

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At the time, Rue McClanahan made quite a revolutionary video with the vet. Indeed, much of her time with The Golden Girls saw her making big waves for her own career and for a demographic. She and the other sassy ladies offered viewers a lot of candid positivity for aging women and did not let their age limit their chances for romance and more.

Rue McClanahan offered the same fun, helpful antics twice

When a formula works, don’t throw it out; embrace it. That’s what McClanahan did when she made more pet care videos that might not have taught everything right about pet care but certainly kept people watching. Dr. Griffiths really gets into the bit as well. When McClanahan discusses learning “the mysterious inner workings of the feline mind,” Dr. Griffiths doesn’t miss a beat and replies, “I’d be happy to have my brain picked by such an enchanting woman.”

Not everything was just flirty shenanigans, though. Humor and wit drew people in, but once they were hooked, our animal education teacher McClanahan did offer very important advice. She covered a lot of essentials with the vet, from the weight behind choosing the right pet to be your new fur baby to mindfulness about predators. The video even discusses crucial pet care tips that can help an owner be there for their cat in sickness and in health.

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