WATCH: Drivers Take On Real-Life Hot Wheels Double Dare Loop

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Fiction does not have to stay separate from reality. In fact, sometimes the stuff of imagination ends up inspiring the most exciting thrills in real life. Car fans, especially those of Hot Wheels, can let their dreams come true thanks to the X Games.

The X Games of 2012 featured something many would not have thought possible. Those little matchbox-sized cars from people’s childhood became life-sized. Not only that, they can do the same insane tricks players put their toy cars through in gravity-defying loops and leaps. Learn more about this prime example of life imitating art here.

Hot Wheels are still the hottest thing

Hot Wheels still attract buyers of every age
Hot Wheels still attract buyers of every age / Amazon

The video below shows the lead-up and execution of 2012’s X Games. One commentator notes how every kid played with Hot Wheels while another admits to still doing so. That’s not surprising given the history of Hot Wheels. Mattel presented America with the die-cast toy cars in 1968. For the next three decades, toy cars such as those gained such popularity, companies rivaled one another. Mattel and Matchbox got locked into a fierce battle between their fans until finally Mattel bought Matchbox’s parent company.

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Quickly, Hot Wheels gained major traction across age groups. Kids, teens, and young adults enjoyed their speed, design, and fun capabilities. Adults saw them as handsome collectors’ items. The cars’ designs stayed appealing to everyone; limited editions became available for the enthusiast and race tracks entered the mix for fun thrill-seekers. Similar to slot car racing, Hot Wheels offered a way to watch vehicles perform some stunning maneuvers anywhere for entertainment or competition.

The X Games always go extreme

Hot Wheels stunts in real life
Hot Wheels stunts in real life / YouTube screenshot

This collection of games puts the X in extreme. As an annual event, the X Games offer viewers a chance to see intense racing, skateboarding, freestyle motorcross, slope stunts, and in 2012, Hot Wheels come to life. Tanner Foust and Greg Tracy make up the history-making team that pulled off this stunt right out of a childhood game. Foust is a rally car driver and Tracy works as a Hollywood stuntman, giving them both experience with intense vehicular situations.

The official game’s website specifies their cars as “Hot Wheels all-wheel-drive advance rally spec coupe cars.” What better brand to drive when going through an actual famous Hot Wheels course? They navigated the Double Loop Dare track. The only difference between this and Mattel’s original is that their version stands at 66 feet tall. Fittingly, between the speed they needed to stay on the track and the curve of the loop, Foust concluded, “I felt like I was in a toy.” See for yourself at multiple thrilling angles and ponder, would you want to do this?

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