Walmart Is Turning 160 Parking Lots Into Drive-Ins

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The coronavirus pandemic is still happening around the world. In the United States, numbers are going up again. As many remain socially distant, companies are looking for new ways for their customers to have fun. Walmart has decided to turn many of its parking lots into drive-in theaters.

Drive-ins have made a huge comeback in the United States during the pandemic. Many people still want to go to the movies. However, most movie theaters remain closed. Some people feel that staying in their car is safer than sitting inside an indoor theater. Either way, Walmart is hoping to capitalize on this.

Walmart to transform parking lots into drive-ins during the pandemic

walmart parking lots
Walmart parking lot / Flickr

Starting in August, Walmart will be transforming 160 parking lots in the United States to drive-in theaters. They are partnering with Tribeca Enterprises, the media company that is backed by actor Robert De Niro.

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walmart parking lot
Walmart / Flickr

As of right now, locations and movie titles have not been announced yet. However, Walmart has said they plan to run the event from August until October and have over 300 showings. Walmart released a press release on the new event. It said, “This family-friendly night will include hit movies, special appearances from filmmakers and celebrities, and concessions delivered right to customer vehicles.”

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The best part of building a backyard movie theater? Skipping the previews. The second-best part? Probably the new projector, speaker, cozy pillows, candy, popcorn, more candy. 😉Tap to see what you’ll need to get started.

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The Walmart stores will remain open for curbside pickup. Would you be interested in seeing a movie at Walmart parking lot drive-in? It opens up a lot of locations around the country if there aren’t any drive-ins currently near you!

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