Tubbz Cosplaying Ducks by Numskull – Review

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When I first heard about these game and film themed Tubbz cosplaying ducks from Numskull, my first reaction sounded something like “what the duck?” – nevertheless my interest was piqued. Luckily for me, Numskull were kind enough to send me a couple of samples for perusal and my first impression was simply; ‘bonkers but brilliant’.

tubbz cosplaying ducks in packaging
tubbz cosplaying ducks in packaging
tubbz cosplaying ducks in packaging
tubbz cosplaying ducks in packaging

So… what are Tubbz Cosplaying Ducks?

For those of you, like me, that didn’t know what Tubbz were, let me enlighten you. They are a range of collectible rubber ducks, bearing the resemblance of some of your favourite characters from various game and movie franchises from Metal Gear to Lord of the Rings. At the time of writing this review, there are over 70 different ducks to collect, with new ranges due to be added, a fair few of which I now have my own sights on (I’m looking at you Sonic, Knuckles, Tails and Dr. Eggman)!

tubbz crash bandicoot
tubbz spiro the dragon
tubbz crash bandicoot and spiro

Your character comes in its own extremely cool bathtub emblazoned with the logo of the game/film/franchise it comes from. There are between 3 and 8 to collect in each range. For example, with the Crash Bandicoot I was sent, you can also collect Dr. N Gin, Coco Bandicoot and Dr. Neo Cortex.

Each character’s tub also comes with a clear plastic cover, which not only serves to tell you the number and range it is from, but also allows you to stack them whilst protecting your collectible duck from dust and damage. Ideal for any collector’s shelf.

In summary

I was pleasantly surprised by these wonderfully appealing ducks. The quality and detail is great and they have been very well thought out with collectors in mind. The range of ducks available means there should be something that appeals to most movie/game buffs out there. These will look great in any man-cave or games room whilst being fun to collect. Only one outcome is possible here – a full 5 invaders for these awesome Tubbz cosplaying ducks.

Get yours here: http://www.numskull.com/tubbz/

Review Video coming shortly…

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Tubbz Cosplaying Ducks by Numskull – Review

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