Travel And See America’s Most Beautiful Sights By Train For Only $213

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Have you ever wanted to go on a trip and see the entire United States? There are so many beautiful sights to see in our country and it can be expensive to travel from coast to coast. However, trains are an inexpensive and nostalgic way to travel. You can eat, sleep, relax, work, and see the sights… all while traveling.

You can now take a very scenic trip from coast to coast on Amtrak for as low as $213! You can travel the 3,400-mile ride from San Fransico to New York for only a few hundred dollars. It takes about four days. Of course, it will cost more if you decide to stop in certain cities, which would be more exciting.

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The train ride covers about 11 states, not exactly all of them, but it would be a great way to travel from coast to coast and see different landmarks. Amtrak also has a 15-day rail pass that allows you to split your trip into eight different train rides, letting you disembark in different areas. This is for under $500! What a crazy adventure this would be!

union station
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Some trains even have a Sightseer lounge car, with huge windows that allow you to really take in the gorgeous views as you go by. Sometimes you might even get lucky and have an expert on board to give you live commentary of the scenery.

sightseer lounge
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One blogger who took the journey says that if you fall asleep and wake up, it is almost if you are transported to a different planet. You’ll go from ocean views to mountains to snow, and much more.


If you decide to pay for the 15-day pass, you can travel anywhere with Amtrak, so really you can set your own schedule and see the states you’d like to visit. If you decide to upgrade to Business Class on certain trains, you can get complimentary non-alcoholic beverages, access to lounges and much more.

ocean view

If you travel alone and choose to dine in the dining car, keep in mind that you might be seated with strangers. This can be exciting for some who like to meet new people or awkward for others.

amtrak dining

You have to admit this would be an amazing way to travel and see our beautiful country! Would you ever want to take a long train ride and pass through many states? Which states would you be the most interested in seeing?

If you are interested in booking a train trip, click here for more details on Amtrak’s website.

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