Toe Shortening Surgery Is A Real Thing And More Common Than You’d Think

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Surgery to make your toes shorter is a real thing that people actually do. It’s actually pretty common. Feet are sort of strange and everyone seems to have something going on with their feet, whether it’s an ingrown toenail or even calluses. But have you ever thought about actually making your toes appear shorter or smaller?

It’s common for most people to have a long index toe that is noticeably longer than your other toes. This apparently makes people self-conscious and yearn to have their toes shortened. Not only that, but the elongated toes are causing injuries to the foot due to their added length. If you’re ever having feet pain due to long toes, you’re in luck!

If you have troublesome long toes you may want to consider toe shortening which can be performed under local anaesthetic.

Posted by Foot Consultant on Tuesday, July 10, 2018

If you’re intrigued and wondering just how toe shortening surgery is supposed to go, be warned. It’s not for the squeamish.

You’ll first be under a local anesthetic. The toe that is going under shortening surgery is cut open and a section of the bone is removed. As a result, this obviously makes the toe shorter. Afterward, the bone is remodeled into shape and held perfectly in place with wire or an implant of sorts. Most patients only need three stitches to complete this corrective surgery.

Toe problems can begin at an early age and may cause pain. Pressure on the nail and skin can cause blistering, corns and permanent nail damage.

Posted by Foot Consultant on Tuesday, July 17, 2018

It’s important to know the risks of toe shortening surgery before diving right into it. Some of the risks you may encounter include infection, swelling, and even deformity. The new shorter toes may also take some getting used to when walking, but most patients have reported getting back on their feet and walking normally in no time.

Posted by Foot Consultant on Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Patient Paulina Charlikowska opened up about her experience with toe shortening surgery. She said, “It took an hour and although I couldn’t feel anything, I could hear my bones being sawed and crunched, which was horrible. There was no pain afterwards, but I had wires in my toes for five weeks and one toe became infected, so I had to take antibiotics,” she explains, “After the wires were removed I walked using crutches for a couple of weeks before I could walk normally again, although I couldn’t exercise for six months.”

Posted by Foot Consultant on Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Paulina confirms in the same breath that she does have small scars on her toes, but they’re not even that noticeable. She says that her feet are even a whole size smaller now, too!

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