Tim Allen Once Got Too Honest Talking With Blake Shelton About Miranda Lambert

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Keeping up with the latest celebrity relationship lineups can be a full-time job that might not seem worth it sometimes. But apparently, it can be a real lifesaver – and conversation saver – to know who is with who before talking to anyone. Tim Allen learned this lesson when speaking with Blake Shelton at the CMA Awards back in 2012, discussing Miranda Lambert.

Since 2011, country music singer and songwriter Lambert had been married to Shelton, who himself is responsible for a Platinum-certified debut named after himself. The two split in 2015, but during the awards, which Allen, Shelton, and Lambert were all attending in 2012, the relationship was as steady as they come. So it was probably jarring when Allen talked about desiring Lambert on a physical level. Here’s what happened, as Allen recalls it.

The CMA Awards celebrated a powerhouse couple

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert
Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert / KGC-11/starmaxinc.com 2014 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED / ImageCollect

The year was 2012 of the Country Music Association Awards, the 46th annual ceremony of its kind. Allen had been seated behind Shelton, who would have just released his album Red River Blue, which reached No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart. Around that time, he was also kicking off his tenure as a judge on The Voice. Initially, Allen wasn’t a fan of the seating arrangement, saying, “I’m watching right behind Blake Shelton, who wouldn’t move, and he’s the largest man on the planet, I can’t see anything.”

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But, Allen continues to recall, “He turns around I happened to be a fan of that show ‘The Voice,’ and I happen to be of his on that show so we started a conversation.” So, the two start talking. At one point, onto the stage walks Lambert herself, who had just released Four the Record, which had four big singles to its name.

Tim Allen once got too honest speaking to Blake Shelton about his feelings for Miranda Lambert

Tim Allen talked about Miranda Lambert with Blake Shelton
Tim Allen talked about Miranda Lambert with Blake Shelton / Demmie Todd / © Universal / courtesy Everett Collection

Allen admits, “you probably know this, and everybody else knows it, but I didn’t know this… Miranda Lambert.” He also remembers, “So she’s up there rocking out with the crazy one, some song about her being nuts and tattoos and booze. I was like, ‘I love this woman’ and he turns around and says ‘Boy, I’d love to tap that’ and I said ‘Me too!’” As a vernacular term, “tap” refers to having sexual intercourse.

THE VOICE, Blake Shelton
THE VOICE, Blake Shelton in ‘Blind Auditions’ (Season 10, Episode 1, aired February 29, 2016). ph: Trae Patton/©NBC/courtesy Everett Collection

Following his comment, Allen remembers Shelton giving him “that look,” before Shelton said, “That’s my wife!” Using a comedy trick, Allen quickly added, “Let me finish.” Allen further revealed that he and the country singer have not spoken since, though Allen maintains that Lambert is still “really good.”

Country artist Miranda Lambert
Country artist Miranda Lambert / Barbara Nitke/©Lifetime/courtesy Everett Collection

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