This Is What The Cast of ‘Little House On The Prairie’ Looks Like Now

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Little House On The Prairie is a timeless classic TV series that brought viewers back to adventures from the 1870s with the Ingalls family. The TV program was based on the books series and lasted for 204 episodes plus 4 TV specials. It was aired from 1974 to 1983 and reruns of the show are still available to see on TV today!

Many of the talented actors and actresses of Little House On The Prairie are still alive today and active as ever in the film and TV industry. We’re sure you’d love to see where these characters are now, namely the Ingalls family. Here is what the cast of Little House On The Prairie looks like now!

1. Melissa Gilbert

melissa gilbert

Melissa Gilbert played the role of Laura Ingalls on Little House. She is currently 54 years old and has starred in a few shorts, films, and TV shows over the last few years. She currently has one film in post-production set to release in 2019.

2. Michael Landon


Michael Landon played the role of Charles Ingalls on Little House. He, unfortunately, died in 1991 from pancreatic cancer but deserved a place on this list per being part of the Ingalls family.

3. Melissa Sue Anderson


Melissa Sue Anderson played the role of Mary Ingalls. She is currently 55 years old and recently starred in a 2018 film, and before that, a 2014 film. She is not too active in the industry, but you can count on seeing her pop up every so often, especially in TV movies.

4. Karen Grassle


Karen Grassle played the role of Caroline Ingalls. She is currently 76 years old and was last seen in a film in 2017. She’s starred in tons of TV movies in her lifetime, but there was a huge gap in her resume from 1994 to 2012.

5. Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush


Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush shared the role of Carrie Ingalls.

Lindsay is currently 48 years old and has not actively starred in any movies since her role in the TV Series, Butterfly, in 1983. The only recent role she has coming up is in a film/TV Series called A Shortstop Away, which is in pre-production.

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Sidney (pictured on the left) is also, obviously, 48 years old. Sidney has not acted since 1983.

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