This Is How To Cure Your Headaches In 10 Seconds

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Do you routinely get tension headaches? Tension headaches are commonly felt in the forehead or in the back of your head or neck. It can feel like a tight band squeezing your head. If you have bad posture and tight muscles it can lead to lots of headaches. Luckily, there might be a trick that helps you get rid of them in about 10 seconds. Sounds pretty good right?

When your shoulders, neck, and jaw tighten up constantly, it can lead to tension headaches. A masseter muscle can tighten and give you a headache. Stress is the leading cause of tight muscles and tension headaches, so they are very common.

What is the muscle that gives you headaches?

Masseter muscle
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What is a masseter muscle? It is the thick muscle that connects your jawbone and your cheekbone. It is one of those muscles that are very important in chewing. You also use it a lot and it tenses up when you feel stressed out.


If you clench your jaw often, the masseter muscle will tighten up and cause headaches. It gives you a headache because it can restrict other muscles in your head and neck. By massaging the masseter muscle, you can get rid of tension headaches as soon as possible. This is an amazing tip!

Here’s how to do the massage and get rid of your headache ASAP


First, find the masseter muscle. Remember that it is the area between your jawbone and cheekbone. Apply gentle pressure on this area with the pads of your fingers or your knuckles. Then, open your jaw as much as you are able to. Close your mouth and repeat until you feel a release from the muscle. It should only take about 10 seconds.


If you regularly get these type of headaches, try to do this a few times a day. This tip comes from physical therapists. It can help if you clench your teeth when you are stressed or clench your teeth in your sleep. It can help if you have TMJ too. Have you ever heard of this muscle or this trick? Do you find that it works or do you have an even better tip to share?

tension headache
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