This Is How Heatwaves Can Affect Your Thinking And Motor Abilities

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Some people love the heat and some people absolutely despise it. However, even for the biggest fans of heat, it can be severely detrimental to your mental abilities. You might not want to tough it out in the 90 degree weather and get some AC!

Studies show that heatwaves can affect your abilities to think clearly and make decisions. The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health suggests that hot weather can cause your thinking and motor skills to perform 13% slower.

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The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health tested the mental performance of 44 students during a heatwave in 2016. Upon waking up during the first 12 days, researchers had their participants take cognition tests on their phones. Students living without AC took 13% longer to respond to the questions than those students living with AC, and their answers were also 13% less accurate.

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Even if high temperatures don’t pose a life-threatening situation, it can still affect one’s motor skills and impair their mental capabilities, which in itself could pose other dangers.

Jose Guillermo Cedeño-Laurent has strong opinions on heatwaves and the general public’s health. He says, “Most of the research on the health effects of heat has been done in vulnerable populations, such as the elderly, creating the perception that the general population is not at risk from heat waves.”


This doesn’t mean you should crank your air conditioner up at full blast until it’s a winter wonderland in your house or office! Reports also claim that working in heavily air-conditioned spaces cause lower productivity. It’s best to keep your AC at an average level!

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Despite how much you may love the heat, it’s always recommended to take breaks periodically and cool down. Whether it’s going inside in the AC to taking a dip in the pool, measures to keep your body cool will help you battle detrimental affects brought on by the heat.

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