These Popular Thanksgiving Brands Still Invoke Nostalgia Today

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UPDATED 11/3/2021


The connection of Thanksgiving brands and nostalgia. Thanksgiving is easily one of the best times of the year for most people. It really kicks off the holiday season and has everyone enjoying themselves with good food and even greater company. For a lot of families, most of Thanksgiving is spent in the kitchen, getting everything perfectly prepared for dinner later on. And, for a lot of people, the act of coming back each year to the same Thanksgiving products to cook with invokes a sense of nostalgia.

For me, personally, my family and I have cooked the turkey and all its sides the same way each year since I was young. So, when we cook it now, it takes me back down memory lane, remembering when I was much too young to stand near the stove and help mom cook, just absorbing all the smells and scents. Do you remember any of these popular, nostalgic Thanksgiving brands?

1. Butterball Turkey

butterball turkey
Anthony Easton/Flickr

Who doesn’t use Butterball is the main question? This is the main brand we have always used and I would imagine, most households also use. Nothing like getting to the grocery store bright and early at the beginning of the week to make sure you get one before they’re all gone!

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2. Stove Top Stuffing

stove top stuffing

Stuffing is probably my personal favorite of the entire meal. Whether you actually stuff the turkey with the stuffing and cook it in there, or cook it as a side in the oven, it’s delicious all-around!

3. Pillsbury

Still a staple in baking/cooking today, my family and I always buy Pillsbury cinnamon rolls to make for a little Thanksgiving breakfast. They usually end up getting eaten the day before though…

4. Cool Whip

cool whip
Mike Mozart/Flickr

I was addicted to this stuff as a kid. Even when it wasn’t Thanksgiving, I ate this more than ice cream. Also not a bad substitute for ice cream on top of some nice, warm apple pie!

5. Swanson Broth (For Stuffing)

swanson broth

Broth or stock is an essential part of the stuffing to ensure it’s moist and meshes together nicely. Swanson is a great brand for either one, whether you’re making stuffing or a soup/stew!

6. French’s Fried Onions

french's fried onions
Mike Mozart/Flickr

These are dangerous. If you love cooking a delicious green bean casserole each Thanksgiving, you know that it’s dangerous to keep these things around because you’ll just keep snacking on them until they’re all gone!

7. Campbell’s

campbell's soup
Wikimedia Commons

Campbell’s is another essential brand, and my family usually uses Campbell’s cream of mushroom for the green bean casserole! It really adds so much to the dish.

8. King’s Hawaiian Dinner Rolls

In our house, dinner rolls and Land O’ Lakes butter are always devoured at the dinner table. So soft, warm, and just melt in your mouth with the rest of the feast!

9. Bruce’s Yams

bruce's yams
Karl Baron/Flickr

While my family doesn’t do yams as much anymore, I vividly remember my grandmother always bringing some over for Thanksgiving dinner and encouraging me to eat them because they were so yummy. She was right!

10. Green Giant

green giant

Another absolute essential! Fine, let’s face it, the whole list is essential. Green Giant is home to so many yummy frozen veggies and more, including those perfectly cut green beans for your green bean casserole!

11. Smithfield Ham

smithfield ham

Not everyone does ham for Thanksgiving, but for those who do, they know how good this is.

Which Thanksgiving brands have you used or still use for the holiday?

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