The Worst Products That Left-Handed People Have To Use

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Monday, August 13 was International Lefthanders Day. Are you left-handed? It is estimated that only about 10 percent of the world’s population is left-handed. That means the world is unfortunately built for right-handed people. Many left-handed people actually learn to become ambidextrous or use both hands for different scenarios.

Here are some products that are a nightmare for left-handed people. If you are a leftie, do you agree?

1. School supplies


The top worst school supplies for any left-handed person has to be spiral notebooks and scissors. With a spiral notebook, you’re always writing on the spiral and it is very uncomfortable. Scissors were also made for right-handed people. Pens can also be trouble and cause a smeared mess on your paper. Did any of your teachers try to make you become a right-handed person back in the day?

2. Computers


Let’s face it, keyboards and the computer mouse are geared towards right-handed folks. With the mouse always meant to be on the right side and the number section on some computers on the right side, lefties don’t even have it easy with technology.

3. Household machines


Chainsaws and other types of saws are often made for right-handed people and you can’t really buy a left-handed version like some other products. Garden tools can also be a pain to use.

4. Kitchen items


Measuring cups, knives, can openers, corkscrews, peelers, and much more are all geared towards right-handers. It can be annoying to have to figure out the best way to use some of these products quickly and easily. Sometimes they do make versions for left-handed people, but they can be hard to find.

5. Car cup holder

car cup holder
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Lastly, even your car isn’t a safe haven for a leftie! Drinks in the center console can be difficult to reach for left-handed drivers. At least it is easier for them in the passenger seat.

What other things can you think of that are difficult to use if you are left-handed? Do you wish there were more products that had lefties in mind? Did you celebrate International Lefthanders Day?

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