The Truth Behind Those Strange Airplane Safety Rules

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Some of the safety rules while you fly on airplanes might seem silly, but they are there for a reason. Sometimes they don’t explain why they ask you to do certain things, but you should follow the rules regardless.

If you were curious about a few airline rules, here are the explanations.

1. Put up your tray table


You are always asked to put up your tray table before takeoff and landing, but do you know why? More than half of fatal accidents occur during takeoff or landing. If your tray table is in the way, you may not be able to evacuate as quickly in an emergency or you may block someone else. Your seat must also be upright during takeoff and landing because you could block others from getting out of their seat if your seat is leaned back.

2. Only certain people can sit in the emergency exit row

emergency exit row
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Emergency exit rows are often coveted because of their amazing leg room, but if you sit there in an emergency, you have to help out. You’ll have to help everyone else get out of the plane first. This means you must be healthy and fit enough to help out. If you have kids, are young yourself or have a physical handicap, you can’t sit there.

3. The dreaded liquids rule


It can be annoying to have to only carry on small liquids in a clear bag. However, it is a safety precaution after terrorists tried to blow up a plane using liquids in a bottle disguised as soda bottles. This rule also helps you get through the security line a little faster.

4. Your belongings must be stored under your seat

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You must secure your belongings in the overhead bin or in the seat under you. Can you imagine if a bag filled with heavy items was hurled towards you during an accident? This could be a disaster!

people on a plane
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