The Most Popular Words Added To The Dictionary The Year You Were Born

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New words get added to the dictionary every year. As more and more ideas, culture references, and words get invented, they also get added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Can you guess some of the words that came out the year you were born? Now you don’t have to guess. Merriam-Webster’s website came out with a “Time Traveler” tool where you can look back and find out what words were recorded on certain years.

Here are some words that were first recorded during the 1950s to 1970s. Which of these words do you remember being added?


old tv
Wikimedia Commons

3-D, animal control, banana clip, birth control pill, cable television, fast-food, Hotel, Kegel exercises, nit-picking, water gun, and zero gravity.



Automate, bad seed, capri pants, dust bunny, global warming, Hawaiian shirt, nonjudgmental, silent auction, stress fracture, and Whiskey.



Audiobook, declaw, digitize, fish stick, klepto, Medicare, off-Broadway, overqualified, stiletto heel, sunblock, talent show, toasty, and wax museum.


tv dinner

Baby back ribs, brushfire, cha-cha, deli, fight song, junk mail, never mind, New York minute, rock and roll, security blanket, time warp, TV dinner, and unflappable.


red panda

Aerospace, booster seat, box cutter, counterintuitive, DIY, empty calories, kegger, majorly, panini, red panda, skydiving, speakerphone, split end, veggie, and zinger.



Angry young man, caring, country rock, decaf, hangry, kitten heel, margarita, psychedelic, snooze button, stretch marks, and throw pillow.


smiley face
Public Domain Pictures

Bone spur, clip art, clown fish, doggie bag, fab, ghosting, leaf blower, pothead, scum bag, smiley face, warts-and-all, and Zen-like.


old game show
Wikimedia Commons

Acetaminophen, bigfoot, cross-train, frozen yogurt, game show, glitch, laundry list, minibus, nonstick, onboard, Spanglish, and think tank.



Amuse-bouche, brown bagging, cloud nine, counterproductive, double-digit, happy hour, hip-huggers, hump day, mono, nutjob, sing-along, and zonked.

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