The Most Popular TV Game Shows of the 1980s

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Can you imagine what our childhood would be like if we had no access to the most popular TV game shows of the 1980s? There was nothing like the family time spent in front of vintage television.

Those shows were cheesy, filled with terrible jokes. Yet, if you come across any of those today, you can’t help but watch one clip on YouTube. The nostalgia hits right to the very core of your being.

Here, you will revisit those shows to bring back old memories and yell at people for being stupid. For old times’ sake!

Here is a list of the old shows:

Pick #1. Pyramid

This show’s host was a popular media personality of the time: Dick Clark. Though, the producer was Bob Stewart. The basic concept of the game was that two contestants had to guess keywords and phrases. Their teammates gave the words.

Pyramid Game Show

A pyramid-shaped board showed the title to the participants. The highlighting part is that the participants teamed up with a celebrity.

Pick #2. Wheel of Fortune

This show’s producer was Merv Griffin, extending throughout the 1980s. The style of the game was like that of the Hangman game. The basic concept was that the participants had to solve word puzzles to win prizes.

wheel of fortune 1980s

The highlight of the show was when spinning the carnival wheel decided the prize. The format of this show was a major hit in the 1980s. At one point, the winner could go on a mini shopping spree.

Pick #3. Family Feud

We all felt like dragging our families to the set of Family Feud, at least once during our childhood. The show’s concept focused on two families competing. They had to guess the most popular answers to the survey questions.

Family Feud 1980s

The winner received cash or other prizes. The show’s producer was Mark Goodson, the same producer of The Price is Right. A milder version of Family Feud appeared in the UK by the name of Family Fortunes.

Pick #4. The Price is Right

We cannot recall The Price is Right and Bob Barker without one another. Bob Barker took over the host position from Bill Cullen and stayed there till 2007. Working for 35 years, he made the show simple. Yet, that’s the exact reason for the popularity of the show.

The Price Is Right 1980s

The basic concept was that the audience had to guess the price of various goods. The winner received cash prizes or from the range of prizes. The winner got out on stage with the most iconic catchphrase, “Come on down.” We bet that you all yelled it too.

Final Thoughts

The above shows give a nostalgic feeling. Isn’t it? Once in a blue moon, we all love going back to the old memories. Why don’t you give these a try and point out the stupidity of the participants?

After all, we all laughed at people for being too slow in the 1980’s TV game shows. They made us feel smart in our childhood, and we all loved it.

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