The Knack Releases Their Own “My Sharona” Coronavirus Parody Video

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Since the coronavirus outbreak started, a lot of people have been making jokes to lighten the situation. However, when someone made a parody video of the song “My Sharona” from The Knack, people thought it was problematic and inappropriate. However, The Knack have actually created their own coronavirus joke song called “Bye, Corona!”

Guitarist Berton Averre posted the video and tells fans, “sadly our lead singer is no longer with us and, trust me, you don’t want to hear me croak it out.” However, with some help from his furry friends Freddy and Winnie, he offers up a tutorial for fans on how to play the song’s guitar solo. In the video, he also shows fans how to disinfect a guitar’s fretboard to the rhythm of the song. Bassist Prescott Niles joins in at the end.

The Knack says “Bye!” to the coronavirus

the knack bye corona parody video
The Knack “Bye Corona” / YouTube

Fans have been responding pretty positively to the video so far. “Thanks for sharing in these somewhat darker times. The Knack will always be one of the tightest, incredible energy bands ever. Amazing individual parts that made a rare achievement …a damn near perfect band,” a fan writes. Another fan says, “Fantastic! Thanks so much for the musical pick-me-up…I think I have the solo down now lol. Stay well and safe, fellas!”

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Another says, “I have been thinking of taking guitar lessons but after watching you, Berton, I just gave up before I even started. Incredible. Amazing. Beautiful Les Paul, too. Thanks for the much needed smile. Bye, Corona!” If you’re in the mood for a laugh and also a guitar lesson, check out the video below! Leave it to The Knack to give us all a much-needed laugh during these strange times.

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