The Best Whitney Houston Songs of the 1980s

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When you think about soulful artists in the late ’80s or the whole of the ’90s, surely Whitney Houston’s works would pop in your mind. The classic icon has left unique soul-crushing masterpieces that make people still relate and calm their souls with her music.

Her most iconic masterpieces in the ’90s from The Bodyguard film soundtrack, like the classic ‘I Will Always Love You’ and ‘I have nothing,’ have unmatchable vocals.

However, even before that, this phenomenal star ruled people’s hearts with her chart-topping hits in the ’80s. Here are some of her best works from the 1980s.

Top 5 Whitney Houston Songs of the 1980s

The Greatest Love of All (1986)

The song is a soulful rendition which is a melody with powerful vocals and soulful lyrics. The song is a cover of George Benson’s 1977 hit. The song ‘The Greatest Love of All’ got her on the No.1 Hot 100 list again for the third time.

Moreover, the song is sweetly sung and talks about finding love and happiness inside us.

One Moment in Time (1988)

A worldwide smashing chartbuster was rendered for the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea. The song had Houston giving some soul-crushing and breathtaking vocals.

Moreover, the song was an ode to the victory and had a powerfully sung ballad. Also, this established Houston as an extraordinary vocalist.

Saving All My Love For You (1985)

The song that made Houston win a Grammy for the first time is a beautiful rendition. The song is from the ‘Whitney Houston’ debut album. Her sultry tone with a touch of bass gave way for a timeless sassy melody.

Also, Houston even won an Emmy for her sensual performance at the Grammy Awards in 1986 in the outstanding individual performance category.

How Will I Know (1985)

A chart-topping preppy chart-topping single from Houston’s first album is a flirtatious single written for the 1984 film ‘Footloose.’

The song was co-written by George Merrill, Shannon Rubicam, and Narada Michael Walden. The song is fun and has a happy tune that you can dance to as you sing along with the childish feeling while crushing over someone.

The powerful melodic vocals of Houston’s with a catchy tune and excellent craftsmanship will surely take you for the joy ride.

I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves me) (1987)

Considered one of the most popular of the best works of Houston, this preppy feel-good tune is insanely energetic beats. The song is composed of synthetic sounds.

The song is a happy dance number about dancing with somebody who would love you, as the title says. The hooking, fiery composition won her a second Grammy for the best pop vocal performance.

The catchy song is super-addicting, and you would indeed be finding yourself dancing to its tunes.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the powerful vocals range, Whitney Houston stands unmatchable. Her works would surely move you. She was a queen of melody in her time who was loved by all.

If you haven’t already, start listening to Whitney Houston songs. You are sure to get addicted to her soul-crushing as well as jamming hits.

So, tune into her music now, and you will reach a different level of peace and happiness.

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