The Best Van Halen Songs of the 1980s

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One of the most legendary bands of the 1980’s was definitely Van Halen. The band’s success during this period is undeniable and continues to influence the newest generation of rock stars. Just a glimpse at the famous songs by Van Halen during the 1980s will no doubt explain why they are one of the most epic bands of all time.

Van Halen 80s

Hot For Teacher

One can feel the intensity and speed of this song that can link Van Halen to punk rock but can closely be related to the genre of hair metal. This song was part of the band’s sixth studio album and was written by the band members.

It showcased Van Halen’s performing bass drum. The song depicts the young student’s infatuation with their teachers. Most of the students during the ’80s were thrilled by the song, and its video got a lot of airplay on MTV.  

And The Cradle Will Rock

The album Women and Children First includes one of the hit songs by Van Halen, which was the song, ‘And the Cradle Will Rock”. It is this song that featured Eddie Van Halen playing the keyboard. Though it has the sound of a guitar, it is a Wurlitzer electric piano.

The title of this song may be a loose play of the children’s nursery rhyme which is “Rockabye Baby.” It may be a common and usual story of a young individual going against the will of the elderly and his parents who opposed the idea of his aspiration of becoming a rock star.  

Loss Of Control

You can find this song on the Women and Children First album, and it was simultaneously written with the song Ain’t Talking ‘Bout Love. According to one of the band members, this song turns everything to 78, which he states “that this song starts real slow and goes zip into 78, and you’ll think that your tape recorder is all messed up.” You can just imagine the sound of the surfer’s breaking waves may be similar to the sound created by this song.  

Take Your Whiskey Home

The leftover of the band’s club days is this song Take Your Whiskey Home, which is the seventh track on the Women and Children First album. This was written by David Lee Roth, and it is more about the power of the guitar. 

Could This Be Magic?

It may be magical because the song has a background of the dripping rain. After all, it was recorded during a rainy day, and the door was ajar just to capture the sound of the rain dripping. A female voice that was heard in the song was the voice of Nicollette Larson. She was the first outside artist that had been included in a Van Halen’s song.

Final Thoughts

Setting a new trend in the genre of music, Van Halen will go down as one of the greatest bands is history. Known for their energetic tone, superb instrumental play, and good lyrics their mark on music will soon not be forgotten. Gone are the days of the ’80s, but the songs of Van Halen are still fresh in the mind of hard rock fans today.

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