The Best Prince Songs of the 1980s

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The 1980’s period led to the rise of many musical geniuses like Prince. This legendary artist ruled the 80’s era with his eclectic pop giving consistent hits that topped the charts.

Known to be ahead of his times, Prince was a multi-talented artist who created innovative music with a versatile style. He has chart-topping busters from his eight albums in the 80’s alone and a batman film soundtrack.

Also, with his unique style and mystique demeanor, he moved the world of millions. So, tune in to this article as listen to some of the best of Prince’s masterpieces.

Top 5 Prince Songs of the ’80s

1999 (1982)

A party jammer was written in 1982  during the cold war.  It had an album by the same name that had a funky celebrating tune that addressed people’s fears at the nuclear apocalypse.

The song was a Prince’s dedicated composition, giving a fun but dark iconic party mix.

Sign o’ the Times (1987)

A chart-smashing hit, Sign o’ the Times, was delivered in Prince’s peak career. The song won the best single on the billboard and was hailed as a masterpiece by critics.

Also, this title track addressed the various socio-political problems. The song was different from his previous singles and was praised by Rolling Stone and Spin.

Kiss (1986)

The song strung in with soul-screeching vocals was a worldwide number one hit at its time. It combined funk with pop without a bassline in the 1986 parade album.

Surprisingly, Warner Bros. was against releasing this single. However, the song went down to become chart-topping in various places.

Purple Rain

The title track of Prince’s most popular album of the same name, ‘purple rain,’ was a massive hit that cradled powerful ballad tones.

It has gained its reputation as Prince’s signature album, making it the most iconic masterpiece created by the legend.

Also, this song was meant to be a country track with a collaboration with Stevie Nicks. However, the guitar tones changed her mind. The song is also the last one that Prince performed live before his death.

When Doves Cry (1984)

Prince produced a masterpiece with the perfect instrumental beats with the song ‘When Doves Cry.’ The song went on to become the biggest hit in 1984. 

A song from the Purple Rain album, this song was said to be an ode for Prince’s relationship with his then-girlfriend, Susan Moonsie.

The experimental songs have soul-touching lyrics with a heart-yearning beat that intense relationships go through. Also, the music did not have a bass line, with Prince jamming it up by a mix of drum and electric guitar.

Summing Up

Prince was a gift to the 80’s generation, and his music touched the hearts and souls of many. He was born a prodigy who was not afraid to experiment with his music. Thus, he dared to mix up music that was never taken and gave rise to new genres.

The musical wiz’s hits were many, and this list showcases some of his creative geniuses. So, get your headphones out and hop to some Prince tunes now.

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