The Best Cyndi Lauper Songs of the 1980s

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An icon in her own right, Cyndi Lauper has been an inspiration to many and widely acclaimed for her singing and songwriting abilities. Luper’s songs ruled over the era of pop in the 1980s.

Moreover, the talented pop artist’s successful music career was also more harbored by her unique look. The icon was known for her electric punk-inspired orange hair and had a multi-octave voice.

With a collection of jaw-dropping singles and albums, Cyndi Lauper is considered a brilliant musician. Check out this list to listen to a collection of her best singles of the 1980s.

Money Changes Everything (1984)

Known as one of Cyndi Lauper’s first hits, the songs were a rendition of the Rock band The Brains, who first released the song in 1978.

So, this preppy pop song came out in Luper’s debut album — She’s So Unusual. The tunes focused on the new age music with the perfect combination of melody, rhythm, and cords. Also, the lyrics of the song discuss the ways money interferes in relationships.

All Through the Night (1983)

Jules Shear wrote the song for his Watch Dog album in 1983. Then, the folk-tuned rock track was covered by Cyndi Lauper in her debut album, which became a hit.

Cyndi added some pop and beats to it, turned it into a pop ballad, took a unique sonic take on composition, and made it into her rendition.

True Colors (1986)

The single made for the album by the same name is one of Cyndi Lauper’s best works. It bagged her a Grammy for her breathtaking vocal performance. The song is delightfully arranged, and the composition is terrific.

Also, the songs topped multiple charts and were a big hit. It showcased her talent as an artist who talked about a true heart.

Time After Time (1983)

‘Time after Time’ from the album She’s So Unusual is a smashing success topping the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 on the number one list. The song is a melodic ballad that is soulful.

Written by herself and The Hooters Rob Hyman, the song has captivating lyrics and talks about being there for a person.

Moreover, this song showcased her talent in creating melodious ballads and was a top charter.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun (1983)

Known as the signature song of Cyndi Lauper, this smashing success is regarded as one of the best pop classics of all time. The iconic classic is a fun, preppy beat which talks about how young girls want to be free.

The song ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun’ instantly made Cyndi a star inspiration to many young girls. Although it never topped the Billboard U.S. top 100 as number one, it rose till the second position.

However, the hit peaked the U.S. dance chart list and made Cyndi an international icon in her first single.

Final Words

When it comes to top pop icons of the ’80s, Cyndi Lauper was loved by all. Her music was preppy, fun, and was a feel-good one that pumps up your energy.

With her unique voice and style, Cyndi created a well-liked reputation. So, if you haven’t listened to her before, you should straight away jam to some. Enjoy!

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