The Best Billy Idol Songs of the 1980s

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We all know William Michael Albert Broad by his stage name Billy Idol. The name inspiration came from his schoolteacher, who described him as idle.

As one of the most famous musicians of all time, his work combines punk rock and glam rock. He is influenced by 1960s rock and roll as well as The Beatles.

Billy Idol is an active musician, and we can all do with his music in our playlist. We have compiled a list for you to dance over.

Here is a list of the best Billy Idol songs of the 1980s:

Mony Mony (1981)

Billy Idol covered Mony Mony in 1981. At first, it was a single by Tommy James and the Shondells. Billy’s version of this song has a rock sound with upbeat and energetic music.

It became an international top 40 hit and changed Billy’s career as a musician. It is covered in his 1981 EP called ‘Don’t Stop.’ Though, it gained popularity through the live version of Vital Idol.

We all recall his hits at the concerts as well as during our high school dances.

White Wedding (1982)

White Wedding was a second single released in 1982 by Billy Idol. It is not the highest-rated song, yet a recognizable one. The song talks about a man witnessing his lover marrying someone else. Though, the song can also be about drugs.

The video featured Billy at a goth wedding with his then-girlfriend Perri Lister. It reached number 10 on the Billboard Under the Hot 100 chart. On the re-release, it got the 6th position in the UK singles chart.

The song has subtle hints of electronica along with some heavy bass lines.

Dancing With Myself (1981)

Dancing With Myself was released by the ‘New wave’ band in the UK. This rock song remixed by Billy Idol as a solo artist reached number 27 on the US Hot Dance Club Play chart.

Considered as one of his signature songs, Billy was good at blending rock music with dance music. The song’s title inspiration came while touring in Japan, and it was a huge success. The music video released on the MTV channel became popular.

Rebel Yell (1983)

It shouldn’t surprise you that Rebel Yell is one of the best songs by Billy Idol, and who can argue with a track like that? The song came out as a single. It became a song for which Billy became famous.

This song established him as an icon in the music industry, skyrocketing his music career. The beginning of the song features electric guitar. Yet, it feels like an electric keyboard. After its reissue in 1985, the song reached the 6th position outside the UK Top 40.

Summing Up

Well, is there a need to tell you any more about the greatness of this musician? He is best for a reason, and if you have not already, rediscover his wonders from the 1980s.

Update your playlist with the above songs and share the enthusiasm.

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