The Air Force Is Asking People To Adopt Their Retired Military Dogs

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When the day is over, everyone likes to return home to rest. There, they can count on a familiar environment and a loving presence to welcome them back. Animals, too, hope for this compassionate environment. Dogs that were a part of the Air Force can expect decent treatment by those around them in the service. But eventually, those dogs retire. Their journey doesn’t stop there, though, and the Air Force is hoping some families will open their doors to their retired service dogs.

The odds are stacked against those brave, furry service members. The process to adopt one can, admittedly, be very long. Additionally, many families want puppies – or, at least, young dogs – instead of ones with several years under their belt. But this hesitance doesn’t make it any easier for the dogs and the Air Force is desperately pleading for families to reconsider.

Adopting a retired Air Force service dog changes a life

Retired military dogs need homes - desperately
Retired military dogs need homes – desperately / Asbury Park Press

A service dog’s life is a paradoxical mix of routines and change. They receive very special training so they perform at their best. At the same time, that training is to prepare for a life that can be utterly unpredictable, even dangerous. The site Glamorous Dogs points out the lifelong hard work each canine has put forth. All this while part of a team to keep civilians safe.

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After these years of hard work, air-force officials at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland want to know their canine comrades have the wonderful retirement they deserve. The site also implores people to share news of this so potential homes can learn about dogs awaiting a loving family.

Adopting a service dog is a service itself

Members of the Air Force want to know their beloved canine companions get good, loving, responsible homes
Members of the Air Force want to know their beloved canine companions get good, loving, responsible homes / Air Mobility Command

This is a decision that should be made after some consideration, though. Careful thinking just makes this better for everyone in the long run, including the dog and potential forever home. The former needs a sense of security and proper conditions and the family needs to feel safe in the choice.

To maximize success with a retired service dog, potential owners should consider these parameters, outlined in Glamourous Dogs. First, they should have a home with a six-foot fence. Next, ideally, there should be no children under the age of five years old. Also, the number of pets already in that house should be limited; owners should not have more than three dogs already, so as to avoid overwhelming the newcomer. Anyone looking to adopt a retired service dog should have references ready, including their vet. This is a serious commitment that could totally change many lives for the better. Those interested are advised to email this address: Or, they may call 210-671-6766. For more information, check out the informative video below.

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