The 9 Best 80s Movie Theme Songs Ever

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Whether it’s fashion, films, music, sports, or video games, the 1980s is a decade full of events. During that period of time, world-renowned artists such as Prince and David Bowie created songs that became theme songs for acclaimed movies and later transformed into all-time hits. Here are some of the most popular movie theme songs from 1980s movies:

1. “Ghostbusters – Ray Parker Jr.

Just like the film of the same name, this iconic theme song of Ray Parker Jr. was released in June 1984. Ghostbusters quickly became a cultural phenomenon and one of the highest-grossing films of the decade, while the dance-pop theme song also thrived by topping multiple charts worldwide.

2. “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life – Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes

Speaking of the most popular theme songs from movies released in the 1980s, you can’t make a list without this banger. Used as a theme song in the cheered romantic drama “Dirty Dancing”, this song immediately broke records and won not only an Academy Award but also Golden Globe and Grammy Awards.

3. “Eye of the Tiger” – Survivor

“Rocky” has grossed billions at the worldwide box office but the film series is also known for its motivational singles. One of these hit singles that has dominated the charts and continues to do so nowadays in countries all over the world is “Eye of the Tiger” by the rock band Survivor.

4. “When Doves Cry” – Prince

Prince is one of the legendary artists whose music career peaked in the 1980s. Released in mid-May 1984, “When Doves Cry” is a mix of pop, soul, and funk that became the singer’s very first number-one single. It was used alongside “Purple Rain” for the rock musical drama of the same name.


5. “Take My Breath Away” – Berlin

The classic from Berlin was used as the theme song of Top Gun, which is one of the movies that elevated Tom Cruise’s career. Besides becoming a hit in various countries, Berlin’s pop song also won prestigious awards such as Academy and Golden Globe Awards.

6. “Maniac” – Michael Sembello

Another hit song that is a 1980s fan favorite is Maniac. Even though now it can be heard in a wide variety of films and television series, Sembello’s single was originally created for the romantic drama “Flashdance”, which dates back to 1983.

7. “Underground” – David Bowie

David Bowie is another best-selling artist whose music can be heard and seen in many film and television projects. One of his superior hits from the 1980s is “Underground”. It was used as a theme song for “Labyrinth”, in which the icon himself can be seen as the king of the goblins.

8. “Axel F” – Harold Faltermeyer

The action-comedy Beverly Hills Cop immediately became a blockbuster that’s also known for its soundtrack. Its theme song, “Axel F”, instantly turned into a worldwide hit single that was covered by multiple artists and also entered numerous charts worldwide.

9. “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” – Tears for Fears

Although they were already popular, Tears for Fears’ fame really picked up after the release of this song. The memorable song made waves on its own after being used as the theme song for the science fiction comedy “Real Genius”, which came out in August 1985.

So those are our top picks for the best 1980s movie themes songs. Did your pick make the cut? What do you think we should’ve added?

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