Ten Bizarre Highly Collectible Nostalgic Items Worth Hundreds Of Dollars!

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Past consumer goods people purchased over 50 years ago, can be quite sought-after by memorabilia collectors from all walks of life today. We aren’t talking about traditional collectibles, such as comic books, lunchboxes, militia, art or stamps. No, I’m talking about unusual or strange collectibles that can worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars to an avid collector.

Did you know a prescription a pharmacy pill bottle Marilyn Monroe once owned, sold at auction for over $8,750!! Medical bottles owned by famous celebrities are quite collectible, especially anything once owned by the beautiful Marilyn Monroe.

Yowsa, Yowsa, Yowsa!

Oh, did I forget to mention: The dress she is wearing in the photo above, sold in 2016 at auction for over $4.8 million dollars. This was her famous “Happy Birthday Mr. President” gown.

Moving from Marilyn collectibles to breakfast collectibles: A box of  Quaker CAP’N CRUNCH Peanut Butter Cereal from 1963 sold for over $2,800 recently on eBay. Seriously??

1963 CAP’N CRUNCH Cereal Empty Box-Sold for over $2,800 on eBay!! Source: eBay (eBay user-superfiveo)

Believe it or not, find a ’60s cereal box or a vintage ’50s Rushton Star-Creation stuffed animal, and it can sell for over $1,000!!

Literally, “One person’s trash can be another man’s treasure!”

Let’s take a look at ten far-out, unusual collectibles people would pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to acquire. Some of the following items originally sold in a store for less than a dollar!

1. Vintage Beer and Soda Pop Cans

Beer cans from the 1930s-1960s can be extremely collectible. Search for “flat-top” cans with a “church key” (separate key added to the side of the can, used to open it.). Also, “cone-top” cans produced between 1935-1960. Higher values are realized by brand, design, condition, and collectibility.

Vintage ’40s Storz WInterbru Beer with flat-top can. Valued at over $3,000 Source: eBay (user-yesivegotit)

2. Vintage VHSTape Cult Horror Flicks from the 1980s-1990s

“Look! Out in the kitchen! “It’s a stove! It’s a dishwasher! No, it’s “Attack of the Killer Refrigerator.”

If it’s weird or “Deadstock” merchandise, its likely sought-after in the collecting world. Similarly, this is the case with this corny, horror VHS tape from the Grunge Era, which can sell for over $300!

Vintage ’90s VHS cult tape, “Attack of the Killer Refrigerator” Source: pinterest.UK

3. Modern Space Age, Mid-century Portable TV’s

MCM Philco “Predicta” black and white TV. Selling for over $1,500. Source: Wikipedia
The mod black and white picture TV the  “Predicta” -made by the Philco Co in the late 1950s and discontinued in the ’60s-sells for over $1,000!
It was one of the first futuristic TV set, which featured a swivel screen. The Predicta, was originally created for America’s iconic Holiday Inn hotel chain, and it became a hit with consumers.

4. Early 1970s-1980s Disposable “Pamper” Paper Diapers

Vintage Pampers disposable paper diapers. Selling for over $600. Source: Pinterest.co.UK

Selling range-$500+

Quality is an important factor here. “Let’s face it; they just don’t make them like they used to.”

5. Vintage 1960s-1970s, Vanity Fair Nylon Tricot-Sheer Ladies Panties

Vintage ’60s Vanity Fair sheer nylon ladies panties. Selling for over $300. Source: eBay  buynwtnow

Yes, indeed folks, ’tis a fact! Vintage, prissy panties are highly sought-after today. Of course, look for never worn or lightly-used panties. (A hint for dating the panties; watch for the satin, tiny square pillow tab found on the elastic waistline, and a double nylon mushroom gusset.)

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