Taking A Walk Down Memory Lane With The Christmas Lifesavers Book

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Every Christmas, children sprint to the living room to see what Santa brought them. Their stockings are probably stuffed with some smaller goodies, the most important of them being candy. From plastic candy canes filled with Hershey’s kisses to chocolates in the shape of Santa, these treats are one of the best parts of Christmas morning. And probably one of the few times kids get to eat candy before breakfast.

A Christmas candy that has become a holiday tradition is Lifesavers Sweet Storybooks. These treats were something many children looked forward to every Christmas and now pass on to their own children. So what makes the Sweet Storybook so special?

Lifesavers Sweet Storybook

The Lifesavers Sweet Storybooks are little boxes stuffed with multiple individual rolls of the classic candy. They include an adorable short story about Santa, Frosty the Snowman, or some other cute Christmas classic.

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The Sweet Storybooks back in the day included ten to twelve full individual rolls of classic flavors such as Wild Cherry or Butter Rum. Nowadays the Storybooks usually feature only six of the classic “Five Flavor” rolls. Despite the downsizing, this gift has become a holiday tradition to be passed down for generations.

A Holiday Tradition

As the years went by other candy’s such as Skittles and Jolly Rancher created similar storybook style holiday treats. But the Sweet Storybooks envoke nostalgia in a way these other candies can’t. Lifesavers have been around for over a hundred years and stuffed into people’s stockings for generations. Their original slogan “still only 5 cents” made them a candy that children with tight allowances could afford.

Now parents who looked forward to the Lifesavers Sweet Storybooks every year are giving them to their children for Christmas. It has become a holiday tradition that a lot of families couldn’t picture Christmas without.

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