Suzanne Somers Recalls The ‘Two Sides’ Of Bob Saget

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Suzanne Somers has recalled the “two sides” to Bob Saget after she learned of his sudden death live on the air. Saget was recently reported dead at the age of 65 and an investigation is still underway as to how he died. Saget has been known to have quite a crude sense of humor as much of his stand-up comedy was rather filthy, to the point where some people actually don’t like it.

Certainly a huge difference from his wholesome Danny Tanner on Full House! But Somers remembers those two sides of Saget—the wholesome sitcom dad and the “edgy” comedian that could out-do Richard Pryor, in Somers’ words.

Suzanne Somers remembers the ‘two sides’ of Bob Saget

bob saget full house
FULL HOUSE, Bob Saget, (1993), 1987-95. © Warner Brothers / Courtesy: Everett Collection.

“He was so young,” Somers told Page Six after she learned of his death. As for the two sides to Saget, she said, “One was the dad good guy always doing [the right thing], and the other was one step beyond Richard Pryor.” Somers said she always appreciated both because she also had a racy sense of humor.

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Somers worked alongside Saget (literally) in the ’90s when she was on the show Step by Step and Saget was filming Full House in the studio right next door. “It was such a fun time because we all would meet at the commissary for lunch, and it was this ongoing party,” Somers says to Page Six.

suzanne somers
STEP BY STEP, Suzanne Somers, 1991-98. photo: Mario Casilli/TV Guide/courtesy Everett Collection

Somers learned of Saget’s death when she was on the Aussie TV interview. They announced the death live on air then cut directly to Somers, who seemed flabbergasted. “I was kind of startled. Who would think when you’re on Australian TV [you’d] get this alert news about Bob Saget? My jaw was ajar — ‘Are you kidding?’”

Somers also told Page Six that she had crossed paths with the late Betty White, but they were never close. “We were green-room friends,” she says of White. “She was funny,” Somers says, “she was f–king funny.”

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