Studies Show That There Is Actually A Correct Way To Hang Your Toilet Paper

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How do you dispense your toilet tickets? Over or under? Well, according to science, the correct way to hang your TP is over instead of under. Technically, you can really hang it anyway you want per your respective preference. But you might be kicking science’s butt.

study conducted at the University of Colorado states that hanging your toilet paper “under” greatly increases the possibility of food-poisoning bacteria spreading from the bathroom to the rest of your office, home, restaurant, or wherever.

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A statement from the study read, “Using a high-tech genetic sequencing tool, researchers identified 19 groups of bacteria on the doors, floors, faucet handles, soap dispensers, and toilets of 12 public restrooms in Colorado — six men’s restrooms and six women’s restrooms. Many of the bacteria strains identified could be transmitted by touching contaminated surfaces.”

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E. coli is the most common bacteria found in public restrooms, which causes food poisoning. It can be transferred from your fingers to literally whatever you touch, including your own food. So, how does how you hang your toilet paper play into this?

Well, when the TP is hung ‘over’, the user’s fingers only touch the paper. When it’s hung ‘under’, there’s a good chance that the user’s fingers will touch the wall or other areas of the restroom.

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In addition to spreading bacteria in this way, it’s also common to do this by using the handle to flush the toilet or locking the door of the stall. It’s advised to wash your hands after every bathroom use- like, really wash your hands. It’s suggested to thoroughly scrub your hands with soap and warm water while singing the ‘happy birthday’ song twice.

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It’s important to remember that the spreading of most bacteria and illnesses is caused by improper hand-washing. If you do wash your hands in the proper manner, you’re part of the minority. This is why it’s best to always use precaution and practice good cleanliness when embarking on a public restroom adventure (and it really is an adventure in there sometimes).

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So, remember to always hang your toilet paper “over,” not “under.” This helps decrease the risk of spreading food-poisoning illnesses.

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