Studies Show That People Over 40 Should Have A Three-Day Work Week

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Have you ever felt as though you just need to take a couple days and work from home? Studies show you might not be wrong to feel that way. Research says that a three-day working week may be optimal for those 40+ years old.

After analyzing the work habits and brain test results of 3,000 men and 3,500 women, economic researchers have found that people over 40 perform their best when they work three days a week. Their conclusion has determined that a part-time job might be best for those over 40, so as to keep the brain stimulated, but not under stress.


The data for this study was taken from the Household, Income, and Labour Dynamics in Australia. It oversees people’s economic and subjective well-being, family structures, and employment.

Participants were asked to read words out loud, recite numbers backwards, and match letters to numbers while timed. Participants who worked about 25 hours a week achieved the highest scores.

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Geraint Johnes, professor of economics at Lancaster University Management School, participated in the study as well. He had his own thoughts to share about the conclusions, saying, “The research looks only at over-40s, and so cannot make the claim that over-40s are different from any other workers. What the authors find is that cognitive functioning improves up to the point at which workers work 25 hours a week and declines thereafter.”


Colin McKenzie, professor of economics at Keio University, also participated in the study. He agrees with the claims made, supporting the idea that working extremely long hours was much more detrimental than that of not working at all. The study suggests that the cognitive abilities of those work 60 hours or more can be lower than that of people who don’t work at all!


To wrap things up, if you can manage to work only 25 hours a week, it might be beneficial for you! Otherwise, try to take a day or two out of the office and work remotely if your position allows it. And always grab a cup of joe to start out your morning!


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