Studies Show That Babies Born With Big Heads Might Become Smarter

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Do you have a big-headed baby? Don’t worry about it. Studies have shown that babies born with bigger heads might just be smarter as they grow up. The study was formed by researchers at Edinburgh University and looked at data from 100,000 U.K. residents from their late thirties to mid-seventies.

They looked at infant head circumference, childhood cognitive ability, and test scores later in life. It seemed that those babies with the larger heads were more likely to score higher on tests and get degrees later in life. Generally, babies with larger heads also have good health. There is another theory that states people with better overall health are smarter. Makes sense right?


There are other ways to tell if your baby or child might end up being a genius (or just intelligent in general). Some of the indicators of intelligence are that your little one has a good memory and routinely does well with memory games, they enjoy hanging out with adults, they can hold conversations well, they can remember past events clearly, and they are a poor sleeper. I guess not sleeping well might have one benefit then.


The average circumference of a baby’s head is generally 13.5 to 14 inches. If you know a baby that has a bigger head than this, they might end up being one smart cookie. What do you think about this? I guess it makes sense if they have a larger brain.


Many people worry that a larger head is a disability. This isn’t true. It probably just means the mother or father had a larger head. However, sometimes a large head could indicate a skull problem down the road. If you are worried, see a doctor and get it checked out. It can’t hurt when it comes to your child or grandchild’s health and safety.


Of course, this is only a theory that goes along with one study. Who knows if your head size actually correlates to brain size and intelligence. Did you have a big head as a baby? Do you feel that you are super smart now and think it might be related to having a big head?


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