Stranger Sees Label On Woman’s Torn Up Shoe And Can’t Stop Laughing When She Reads What It Says

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Label makers are pretty darn useful if you’re going into a profession that requires label-making. However, for some people it’s more of a thing you just want to say you own.

One woman changed the game, though. A woman was strolling through Costco one day and decided she wanted a label maker. Little did she know that she would one day use it for probably the best reason yet…


Yes, you’re seeing that clearly. She used a label maker on the back of her shoe! But the lone question still stands — what does the label say? Let’s look a bit closer.


“My dog chewed it.”

This woman used her label maker (which had been sitting her closet for years) to alert the world that her dog chewed the top of her shoe. This was an absolute game-changer for the label-making community. Many people noticed this and completely loved it.

This is the best use of a label maker in the entire history of label makers.

— Robyn Pennacchia (@RobynElyse) May 31, 2018

Say it louder for the people in the back! More people should do this. You know, just in case they need to make others aware that their pet chewed on their shoe.

One of my sneakers needs that label!

— Sara Habein (@sshabein) May 31, 2018

See!? She isn’t the only one!

Good idea 😂😭

— Bogosi Morojele (@BogosiMorojele) May 31, 2018

Anybody got a label maker handy? This guy needs one ASAP. Code red!

We don’t know why she felt the need to make an explanatory label, stating why her shoe looked the way it did. But we also aren’t mad about it! She may have just started a new fashion trend, and possibly a new life-hack.

Think about it, this could be The #1 way to stop getting people to question your fashion malfunctions.” 

label maker
Wikimedia / Multicherry

Well, there you have it! If you’re ever in dire need of an explanatory label, you know where to go and what to do. If this label maker story made you laugh, don’t forget to share this article with your friends!

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