Stars Of ‘Splash’ Had A Reunion And Shared John Candy Stories

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Actor Josh Gad has already brought together the cast of Back to the Future and The Goonies with virtual reunions. Now, he brought together Tom Hanks, Daryl Hannah, Eugene Levy, director Ron Howard, producer Brian Grazer, and writers Lowell Ganz and Marc “Babaloo” Mandel. They all worked on the film Splash. The reunion also raised money for Dig Deep, a nonprofit that helps provide Americans with clean running water.

In the ’80s Disney film Splash, Tom plays Allen Bauer who falls for Madison (Daryl Hannah). However, whenever Madison gets wet, she turns into a mermaid. The cast said it was the first time they caught up in 30 years! They talked about the making of the film and shared memories of the late John Candy. John played Tom’s brother in the movie.

The cast of ‘Splash’ reunited virtually

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The cast revealed that they all had to become scuba divers due to all of the underwater scenes in the movie. Tom said, “that was one of the best great adventures of the whole thing, between going on vacation and getting paid to scuba dive.”

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However, it wasn’t all fun and games. Daryl admitted that she still has scars from her mermaid tail! For instance, she had to spend many hours being glued into it and she said it was very painful.

Then they talked about the late John Candy. One day, he reportedly was late to set. Ron Howard shared the story. “He said, ‘Look, I’m drunk!’” said Ron. “Here’s what happened … I’m at the bar and Jack Nicholson’s at the bar. Jack Nicholson knew my name, Ron. He starts buying me drinks, I said, ‘I gotta go shoot’ and he said, ‘You’ll be alright kid, don’t worry about it.’ I never went to bed, Ron, I never went to bed!”

In conclusion, watch the reunion below and if you want to watch Splash, it is on Disney+ right now:

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