Spot The Coca-Cola Ad In ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’

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A Charlie Brown Christmas is a beloved Christmas special that airs every year. It first came out in 1965. During that time, Coca-Cola actually sponsored the special and originally featured some ads in the midst of the special. These days, those ads have been cut out.

You may only remember it if you watched it that very first time in 1965. The footage was cut out but recently resurfaced. There was a scene in the beginning and at the end that was cut out. The ending originally said, “Merry Christmas from the people who bottle Coca-Cola.”

‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ was originally sponsored by Coca-Cola

a charlie brown christmas
‘A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS,’ Charlie Brown, Snoopy, 1965 / Everett Collection

This was pretty common in the ‘50s and ‘60s. Big corporations like Coca-Cola would often sponsor TV specials. At least it wasn’t cigarettes that were actually featured in other cartoons like The Flintstones! Do you remember that?

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Even decades later, A Charlie Brown Christmas is a beloved tradition for many families. Fans were upset this year when Apple bought the rights to the special for its streaming service Apple TV+. However, they made things right by allowing the special to air on PBS.

coca cola ad a charlie brown christmas
Coca-Cola ad in ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ / YouTube Screenshot

If you want to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas whenever you want, you can watch it anytime on Apple TV+.

Watch the restored versions with the nods to Coca-Cola below:

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