Sophia Grace and Rosie Definitely Don’t Look Like This Anymore

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Six years after their viral video, the girls are staying busy…

They’re Internet Famous

We’re living in the age where we can become internet famous in less than a week, aren’t we? Pick up your phone and scroll to YouTube or Instagram. Five minutes of browsing is enough for you to witness internet famous travel bloggers, fashion bloggers, toy bloggers and viral video idiots too. This is how it was for Sophia Grace and Rosie. Six years ago, the cousins uploaded a video of themselves singing a cover of a Nicky Minaj song. Thanks to this video, the girls became an internet sensation.


53 Million Times!

The video of the girls singing was viewed over 53 million times. That’s a lot, even in the age of viral videos. These girls caused such a sensation that even Ellen DeGeneres invited them on her show. 8-year-old Sophia Grace and 5-year-old Rosie got to meet the funny TV host but they got to meet someone else too.

They Met Nicky Minaj

The girls got the chance to meet Nicky Minaj too when Ellen invited her to the show. The girls stole the heart of the audience watching. So much so, they began to make regular appearances on the Ellen show over the years.

Great Opportunities

The girls became household names. Thanks to their viral video, they got exciting new opportunities. For instance, they got the chance to interview celebrities on the red carpet. They even wrote a children’s book titled Tea Time With Sophia Grace and Rosie.


They Got Their Own Movie

Over the years, the girls got even more opportunities. In 2014, the two starred in their own movie called Sophia Grace & Rosie’s Royal Adventure. It may not have been a million-dollar movie but hey, for two young girls just starting out, it was an exciting project that would make their fans happy.


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