Should You Shower In The Morning Or At Night?

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Do you regularly shower in the morning or at night before bed? Do you ever stop to think about which time is better for your mind and body? There are several pros and cons to showering in the morning and showering in the evening. Find out what experts recommend.

Showering daily is important, but it turns out night showers are better for your health. Here are some benefits of showering in the evening before bed.

1. Your sheets will be cleaner


If you shower before you hit the hay, your sheets will stay cleaner for a longer period of time. Experts recommend that you wash your sheets about once a week to get rid of germs, allergens, and bacteria. You might also sleep better.

2. You’ll remove build up from the day


Not only will you effectively remove makeup and other products you put on during the day, but you will also remove allergens, pollution, sweat, and other yucky stuff your body picked up.

3. It may help you relax


A warm shower or bath before bed can help your body and mind unwind. It is a great way to get rid of the dirt, germs and even stress that you picked up during a busy day.

4. It will help your skincare regimen work better


Showering and washing your face really well can help creams and other skincare products work more effectively. A nighttime skincare routine is important to keep your skin looking fresh and young.

5. Showering in the morning can be helpful too


However, showering in the morning might be more effective for your schedule or help wake you up if you have to get up early. If you prefer to work out in the morning, you probably should shower after getting all sweaty. If you don’t shower in the morning, don’t forget to wash your face.

To get all of the benefits, think about taking a nice long shower before bed and jumping in a cold shower in the morning to wake up.

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After reading the benefits of each, will you shower in the morning or evening now? Does this change your mind or will you continue to shower at the same time that you always do? Or do you change up when your shower is based on your mood for the day?

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