Shakey’s Pizza Parlors Used To Be Everywhere. Where Have They All Gone?

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“Shakey’s Pizza Parlor — Serving the World’s Greatest Pizza Since 1954.”

That’s what you’ll find as the slogan on their website, but where have they all gone? We have the answer for you, and you may be surprised!

Shakey’s Pizza Parlor was founded in 1954 by Sherwood “Shakey” Johnson. It’s original opening location was in Sacramento, CA. There was live music available (mainly piano and banjo players), fresh beer, and amazing pizza. What more could anyone want? That’s why the chain blew up in the United States, creating over 400 locations in only two decades.

Shakey's Pizza Parlor
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By the 1970s, the chain reached its peak in the United States. Shortly after, it began unwinding, but also growing internationally. It exploded in the Philippines and they have over 100 active locations today.

Shakey's Pizza Parlor
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So, if it was so popular, where did they all go? Popularity shrank in the U.S. as it blew up internationally. Today, there are several Shakey’s Pizza Parlor locations in its home state of California and one single location in Alabama. Pretty random location!

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What made Shakey’s Pizza Parlor so unique were not only the menu options but the decor. The menu only served pizza and beer. What a perfect combination. Signs within the restaurant, for example, would say “Ye Olde Restrooms” and so on. It gave off a classic old-fashioned vibe that certainly served it’s purpose for the 1950s.

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It’s clear that as time progressed and new generations evolved, Shakey’s would become less popular. However, many people still remember their visits to Shakey’s and wonder if it’ll ever make a retro comeback.

Shakey's Pizza Parlor

Do you remember Shakey’s Pizza Parlor? Be sure to share this with your friends and see if they remember Shakey’s Pizza! Maybe with wishful thinking, Shakey’s Pizza Parlor will make an unbelievable comeback nationwide. We can dream!

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