See John Wayne Decorate The Christmas Tree In Rare, Vintage Photo

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John Wayne is seen decorating the Christmas tree in a vintage photo posted to his official Instagram account. The social media post was a promo post for Wayne’s website, specifically with Cyber Monday deals for the website’s merch store.

The photo shows an American icon in likely his most natural state just like the rest of us during Christmastime. He’s in a robe, likely standing on some sort of stool, putting ornaments on the upper half of the tree.

John Wayne decorates the Christmas tree like any other dad at home during this time of year


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Did you know that The Duke actually had a Christmas movie? It’s definitely a lot closer to Die Hard than any other feel-good, traditional Christmas movie. However, the lesser-known Christmas movie of his is called 3 Godfathers. Of course, as expected, the film is a Western told through the eyes of three bank robbers who loosely parallel and portray the Three Wise Men from the Bible.

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3 GODFATHERS, (aka THREE GODFATHERS), from left: Harry Carey Jr., John Wayne, Pedro Armendariz, 1948 / Everett Collection

Wayne plays Robert Marmaduke Sangster, a fugitive on the run alongside his comrades, Pedro (Pedro Armendáriz) and William (Harey Carey Jr.). Christmas is around the corner and they decide to rob a bank and then take refuge from the law in a desert. While in the desert, they cross paths with a dying woman who bares her newborn child upon them. The bank robbers then risk their freedom to deliver the newborn baby to New Jerusalem, per their promise to her.

3 GODFATHERS, (aka THREE GODFATHERS), from left, Mildred Natwick, John Wayne, Harry Carey, Jr., Pedro Armendariz, 1948

So, if you’re looking for a fun, action-packed Christmas film featuring John Wayne, 3 Godfathers might be up your alley this holiday season.

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