Reba McEntire Opens Up About Taking Charge Of Career After Divorce

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Reba McEntire recently opened up about taking charge of her career and business ventures following her divorce. She appeared on the most recent Apple Fitness+ Time to Walk experience to talk about how she took control of her career and business following her divorce from Narvel Blackstock in 2015.

“Things started going south with my marriage. Narvel Blackstock, my manager and husband at the time — we got a divorce, and the shocker of it all was, there were four people who were taking care of all my business,” she says. “I had my production manager who left, I had my CEO who left, my manager and husband, and my father had died. So four men who were rock and pillars of my world were gone.”

Reba McEntire on taking charge of her career and business after divorce

reba mcentire narvel blackstock
Reba McEntire arriving at the 44th Academy of Country Music Awards at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, NV on April 5, 2009 / Photographer: Carrie-nelson
She continues, “I started taking over signing the checks and then I started realizing how much water cost, and the electric bill, and all the things that was going on in my life… I made the money, I brought it home. So it was a huge, huge change for me.”

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Just months before her divorce from Blackstock, she had lost her father as well when he died in October 2014. So, while having to deal with the business aspect of her life, she couldn’t ignore the personal upheaval that was going on in her life. “Everything that I was dealing with privately, personally — I had to run it all through God. I had to say, ‘OK big boy, I can’t handle this. This is way over my pay grade — I don’t know what to do… ‘And I would wait, and He would guide me. And so without my faith, I have no idea where I would be or my career would be, at this time today.”

reba mcentire
13 November 2019 – Nashville, Tennessee – Reba McEntire. 51st Annual CMA Awards, Country Music’s Biggest Night, held at Bridgestone Arena. Photo Credit: Laura Farr/AdMedia
She continues on, “If someone walked up to me and said, ‘Reba, I’m going through a situation like you did — what’s your advice?’ I would say, ‘Go home, regroup, and listen to see what you’re supposed to do next.’ Rally friends around you, good positive friends that have your best interests at heart — which I did — and you will survive.’”

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