PSA: Pet Owners Are Warned To Not Walk Their Dogs On A Hot Day

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As summer hits peak temperatures, pet owners are once again reminded that if it is too hot outside for you, it is definitely too hot outside for your dog. As the weather heats up, don’t forget that dogs are very sensitive to hot temperatures. Walking your dog on a hot pavement can lead to blisters and burns.

Even if the air is tolerable, the pavement may be too hot. We wear shoes to protect our feet from the hot pavement, but a dog’s paws are much more vulnerable. If the temperature outside is about 88 degrees Fahrenheit, the asphalt can be as hot as 144 degrees Fahrenheit. Ouch!

dog walking

Before you take your pooch on a walk, stand outside on the pavement where you plan to walk in your bare feet. If it is too hot for you to stand, it is not safe to take your dog on a walk.

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If you need to exercise your pet and the temperatures are too high, try taking them to a dog park, playing ball in the backyard, or swimming. You could also try to walk your dog in the morning or evening when the temperatures are cooler and the pavement might be more shaded.


In addition, never leave your dog in a hot car or outside by themselves in extreme heat. Dogs are susceptible to heat stroke and can burn or blister their paws. They can also get sunburns and die from extreme heat. Make sure they have access to shade and fresh water.

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If your dog has been overheated, put them in a cool bath or wrap them in damp, cool towels to regulate their body temperature. Make sure they stay hydrated. Other signs of burnt paws would include refusing to walk or limping, licking their feet and redness or dark colors of their pads.

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Do you have a dog? Are they sensitive to hot temperatures? Do they enjoy swimming in the summer months or do they hate water like some pets?

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