Planters Cheez Balls Are Returning To Stores After Nearly 12 Years

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It’s been reported that Planters Cheez Balls will be returning to stores after nearly 12 years! The Internet is going crazy and everyone’s super excited to indulge in the nostalgia.

After a long, cold 12 years of the beloved snack being off the shelves, it will return for a limited time only to Walmart and Amazon beginning July 1st. A spokesperson from the company has revealed that fans of the snack had been petitioning this through Facebook groups and forums since it was discontinued in 2006.

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While the company plans to only roll out some Planters Cheez Balls online to and Amazon, they are planning to delve into some other retailers and brick-and-mortar stores as well. This can be expected sometime in the upcoming months.

I still miss seeing these on end caps at the supermarket. These are full cans of Planters Cheez Balls and Cheez Curls from the 90s. Planters Cheez Balls are still the best I've ever had. I ate these in the 80s and the 90s until they went the way of the dodo. They should really do a comeback, like many other companies have done recently . #planters #cheezballs #cheezcurls #planterscheezballs #planterscheezcurls #80ssnacks #90ssnacks #80sfood #90sfood #80s #90s #cheeseballs

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Cheez Balls aren’t the only cheese-flavored snack returning from Planters. They are also bringing back their Cheez Curls as part of the release as well. Fans could not be more excited for this 2-for-1 release!

Some fans are so excited that they are willing to bid on an empty can with the new packaging. It looks similar to the old can, except with the addition of “it’s back” written in a yellow circle! One auction for an empty Planters can with the new packaging is up to nearly $450 on Ebay. This is only in addition to other crazy cheese-obsessed fans and their antics online in celebration of the announcement.

Someone out there really must love Planters Cheez Balls. 🤔 #Planters #CheezeBall #CheezBalls #PlantersCheezBalls #CheeseBall #CheeseBalls #Ebay #Auction #EbayAuction

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Planters was originally founded in 1906 and is well-known for the Mr. Peanut icon that has symbolized the company for decades. Many of the Planters products that remain on grocery store shelves to this day include honey cocktail peanuts, salted cashews, smoked almonds, and many more delicious snacks!

What would you bring to the NUTmobile? From antique Planters memorabilia to NUTmobile artwork, seeing these things across the country makes our tour that much more unique. #Planters #memorabilia #paintedrocks

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What do you think about Planters bringing their Cheez Balls back? Will you be one of the first people to order some Cheez Balls online?

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