Pink ‘Piglet’ Puppy Is Teaching Kids It’s OK To Be Different

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Cuteness Overload

Let’s meet Piglet! This adorable and unique puppy is deaf and blind. Oh, and pink! Little Piglet was rescued from a hoarding situation in Georgia along with his mother and three siblings. He is a Dachshund and Chihuahua mix.

Piglet is showing children that just because you’re different, it doesn’t mean you are unworthy of love and affection. Check out Piglet’s Instagram post below!


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A post shared by Piglet, deaf blind pink puppy (@pinkpigletpuppy) on Aug 20, 2019 at 5:12pm PDT

How is Piglet so Unique?

Piglet is a product of two dapple colored parents. According to Piglet’s very own website, “Dapple to dapple breeding results in a 25% chance of each puppy being “double dapple”.  This double dapple color pattern is linked to congenital ear and eye defects that may result in partially or completely deaf/blind puppies. Piglet is deaf and blind.”

He is a perfect example of the importance of acceptance, friendship, and kindness. Piglet wasn’t always a model example for such a cause. Poor Piglet had a rough transition period from his hoarder situation to his now pleasant Connecticut home. Piglet was one of 37 pups in a litter. He made the trip up north when, Melissa Shapiro, a Connecticut veterinarian offered to foster the one pound puppy. Melissa never intended it to become a lasting home, but after two months with Piglet, she couldn’t imagine Piglet living anywhere else.

Piglet the puppy in his new parent's hands.
Piglet in hand – Instagram, pinkpigletpuppy

Piglet: A Beacon of Hope and Happiness

His website states, “He is very popular wherever he goes as he has a way of creating smiles on the faces of everyone he meets.” This is where he began to be a positive influence for children.

His story, through social media, made its way to a third-grade classroom in Massachusetts. The teacher used Piglet as a model for a positive mindset which discourages kids from giving up too quickly, and instead, promotes the idea that struggles can lead to growth.

“She called it Piglet Mindset, and we corresponded throughout the year. At the end of the year, we surprised the kids. They thought we were going to FaceTime, and we walked in with Piggy in his stroller and three of my other dogs, and everyone was crying,” Melissa says.


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A post shared by Piglet, deaf blind pink puppy (@pinkpigletpuppy) on Jul 10, 2019 at 1:20pm PDT

Check Out Piglet on Social Media and find out how you can help!

Piglet’s mom, Melissa Shapiro, now has an official Piglet Mindset Outreach program to teach children how to face challenges and persevere!

The money she and Piglet earn from ads on social media and Piglet-themed merchandise goes to special-needs animal shelters. For instance, so far, Piglet has raised more than $30,000!

This is so sweet and encouraging! We also suggest visiting Piglet’s website by clicking here, to learn more about how you can help.

Piglet is so inspiring for children!
Piglet – Instagram, pinkpigletpuppy

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