People In Virginia May Be Able To Legally Curse In Public For First Time Since 1792

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Did you know that it has been illegal to swear in public since 1972 in the state of Virginia? It is true! Even in more recent years, people have gone to jail for swearing in public. Now, the Virginia Senate is voting to revoke the law, allowing curse words to fly without a cause for concern once again.

Of course, there are certain places where it is frowned upon to swear at. However, most other states do not say it is illegal to swear in public. Can you imagine getting arrested for swearing while walking down a street in this day and age?

Virginians may be able to curse in public again without getting in trouble

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Currently, in Virginia, swearing in public is a Class 4 misdemeanor. If you are caught and an officer decides to ticket you, you could pay a $250 fine! If Governor Ralph Northam signs the bill to get rid of this misdemeanor, swearing could be legal again on July 1, 2020.

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There are even signs at Virginia Beach that reference the no swearing law. Officers have said in the past they generally only use the law to charge someone with public swearing if they are very intoxicated and causing a scene.

People have been trying to repeal the ban for years, but it seems it may actually happen this time! So, rest easy if you are visiting or live in Virginia after July 1… you are free to curse again.

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